ON NOVEMBER 2, 1995 AT 2:15 PM


“When man receives a gift, this gift can be of the utmost importance, because the gift can be from a loved one, that in the very act of receiving it, there is a personal communication that makes this gift a treasure.  This can be the same each time a prayer is answered, because in the communication there is an understanding, and a treasured belief of communication.

When mankind of any age uses prayer to God The Father, to Our Heavenly Mother, to The Beloved Holy Spirit of God, Saint Joseph, or to Our Lord, it is an innate understanding that They will hear the prayer, and They will answer the prayer; that is, in the best way for it to be answered.

When an individual has devotion to a Saint, there is a personal communication that has a love in it, a sincerity, and a Faith that the Saint will hear what the individual wants the Saint to hear.  This is so easy for man to understand, because there is so much reality in the closeness of man to Heaven.  When an individual, or several, deny having Faith in God or in a Saint, it automatically radiates a deep sense of sadness, because the rejection of the individual to believe in All that God is About, and All that The Saints are About, radiates an emptiness, a hopelessness, a rejection, and a total dismissal of God, and All Those Who are with Him.

Children must be taught at a very early age that it is important to say prayers, not just at nighttime, but upon awaking in the morning, and then remember to say a few during the day, like they would talk to a friend.  This type of understanding with The Divine has a particular strength in it that nothing else has.  The show of Faith, believing that the Existence is real, gives an individual help when it is needed, even though the individual cannot see or hear the Other speak, but what happens is that there is an automatic response that travels from Them to the individual.  The ability to transport this response is Divine Revelation, Divine Belief, and also Faith that goes beyond what faith in human life contains.

A child goes to a parent for help, and the child expects help, and sometimes when there is a disappointment, the child feels rejected, but when an explanation is given, the child is relieved, and then the child feels strength once again.  Heaven has a way that, when an individual is praying for something that is not quite right for it to be given, or for something to happen that the individual is praying for, something else is always received.  It is called ‘strength to persevere and go on’, not feeling rejected, but many times feeling that the right decision was made by Them, because They know what is best.

Some who will read This or hear This might say, ‘Sounds like a story, an excuse,’ but if they will but see the Value, the Truth, the Honesty, the Reality of the Greatness of Those Who are in Heaven, they will feel strength from the very communication they trusted in so deeply, so sincerely, so directly, so patiently, so lovingly.  Many times negativism seems to be a factor to some people who will never see the Beauty in Faith in God and in All that Heaven is About.

Mankind must understand that human life is a perfect example of what represents the Gifts that The Father has in such Greater Measure.  A human being has intelligence, has likes and dislikes, has moral values, moral standards, knows right from wrong, knows good from evil, and is Blessed with Faith, courage, and the ability to conquer weaknesses.  These all come to mankind from The Father, because mankind is made to the Image and Likeness of God.  So be it.”

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