ON NOVEMBER 3, 1995 AT 2:00 PM


“I am Saint Peter Canisius.  Mankind is aware that each time a gift is presented, it is not always appreciated.  Of course, there are different reasons for this reaction.

Today in the world, The Father has given to mankind what can truthfully be termed, ‘Personal Communication’, The Miracle called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, instructing mankind in so many ways, the Importance of human life, beyond the human part of life.  The Soul has never been truly felt or seen, or thought about in the Greatness It is, but through This Gift of The Father’s Love, through The Holy Spirit of The Father, mankind has been instructed in many ways, that each human life is presented at the moment of conception, the Soul, and this Soul is a Portion of The Father, a Portion of Divine Light.

No human being fully understands the Magnitude of The Father.  The word ‘Father’ does not give the full meaning, because the word ‘Father’ to most, or to all even, says ‘the provider, the caretaker’, and the father of the family in human life is seen as the one who supports, who instructs, who protects.  Some might say, ‘This is not always true.’ Nonetheless, this is the sound, true definition of what the word ‘Father’ expresses, when it is spoken or written or addressed.

God is All Things, God controls All Things:  the earth, every facet of it, the whole universe.  God is More than mankind can mentally imagine God to be, but mankind instinctively knows that there had to be a Creator, a Superior Intelligence beyond any human understanding, to create the world, the universe, all human life, and have a Reason for it all, on top of all of this.

We hear some men, women and children praising God, and yet in one way, diminishing what He Truly is, by feeling that they have the power to do many things, above and beyond what other human beings can do.  Mankind in all different areas of the world, differs in opinions, and also, in how they instruct others about life, because in each part of the world, men, women and children adapt to that area wherein it is governed by nationality, professions, and different beliefs in political ideas; also, the culture of the people was begun a long time ago, and continued to build in that manner, according to the type, the form, the manner of communication called ‘language’.

If one would look at the whole world, they would see a magnificent diversion of so much talent, so much beauty, in the different manner of life that people have been placed in, regarding and according to where they were born; it’s called ‘nationalities, cultures, languages’.  It is important for mankind to understand that people from all countries, of all countries, are born to become ‘Saints’, because there is no human being not instilled with a Soul at the moment of conception.

When mankind talks about the dangers that lurk from those who are of the mind to be wicked, to be thieves, to be corrupt, it is important for mankind to see the Value of The Father handing to the world Direct Communication that will awaken their thinking to the importance of what is right, what is wrong, in what they are doing, participating in, and that human life was created for a Very Important Reason, for a Goal beyond any human goal.

So Many of Us Saints speak through This Miracle and We do not always announce Our Name, because there are times when We speak Our Names, it would be a distraction, and it is easier at these times to just be in conversation.  This little one through whom We All speak is told many times to begin a subject, and let the subject flow so that others will join in, and it will give them the time, the reason to communicate their feelings about what they feel is spiritually correct, morally correct, and sound.

Mankind does not fully understand what a great Gift communication is from man to man.  That is why The Father sends to the world at different times a Gift of His Divine Love, communicating with mankind through ‘a small one’, one like everyone else, so that the Communication is not just acceptable, but understood.  This type of Communication with The Father does not leave everything up to the imagination or the enthusiasm of a profound happening in the sky, or someplace on the earth that no one can fully understand, but just use different forms of imagination, different degrees of ideas on what it means, what it could mean, why it happened.

This Miracle of The Father’s Love spells out in a distinct way, directly to all who hear It and to all who will read It, the Importance of human life, and the Importance of the Soul that is within it.”

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