ON NOVEMBER 3, 1995 AT 3:23 PM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.  The Father gives to the world Important Messages regarding how the physical life should be treated, and how Important the physical life is, because of the Reason for which it was created.

Human life is a Special Gift of The Father’s.  It is a sharing a Particular Love, and has a definite Reason.  It is the only living thing that The Father has placed within, a Portion of Himself.  All things are important because all things revolve around human life.  True, the earth was created, the planets were created long before human life was created, but human life, in its own way, has an Important Part amidst all this Great Creation of The Father’s.

There are many living parts of different things in the world.  There is animal life, vegetable life, there is food in the sea, and these things very often live off each other.  A plant in the ground is nourished by other plants.  There is always some form of nourishment for everything that is created.  A tree has special nourishment.

Human life has a specific form of nourishment.  Mankind only refers to the food that mankind consumes, but there is a Greater Nourishment inside human life.  It is called ‘a Soul’.  It nurtures the responsibilities, and as It nurtures the responsibility of human life.  It also gives human life a Distinct Purpose, Distinct Value, Distinct Goal.

Mankind does not realize what human life has above all other living things, above all other things that encircle the world.  Human life has a Goal that is difficult for some to accept or some to relate to, but mankind, through This Miracle, is learning about the importance of daily living, daily actions, thoughts, words, cares, needs, practices.  Daily living gives man responsibilities, because mankind must learn how to nourish the physical, and also the mental of man instructs man on what is right, what is wrong, sound, reasonable, pure, impure.

Mankind has a mentality that is capable of extensive learning about many things.  Mankind has a Soul that innately tells mankind that there is Someone Greater, Someone not of the ordinary means or measures, but Someone Who had the ability to create all that there is.  Mankind looks for justice, innately knowing that there is a right, there is a truth, and there are benefits to these things.

Children, in learning to speak, learn words from hearing others speak, and through this learning they are to develop in many ways their talents, their abilities, their goals.  It is what man calls ‘hereditary advantage’.

It is important for mankind to understand that as the Soul is an unseen Matter, Light, that is evident because of the knowledge mankind has of justice, in justice, for justice, that The Father, in His Love for this Creation, created within it Something Greater than any other creation of His, Something closer to Him, Something that has to be directly connected to Him, not some inanimate object that stands all by itself.

Daily living can be a happy experience, or an unhappy experience.  Most would say, ‘It depends upon the nature, character, personality of the individual, the educational faculties of the individual.’ In many ways this statement has merit, but rarely is the Soul spoken about in how an individual feels, because a Soul is not thought of in such close union with all the individual consists of, such as the personality, the nature, the human abilities to perform certain things, the talents, the likes and the dislikes, but the Soul is closely connected to every part of human life.  Mankind must begin to understand this.  It is easier to ignore the Soul because It cannot be seen, because It cannot be physically felt, but I assure you It is present within each human life.

The more that is understood about the Soul, the happier a human being will be, because then disappointments, problems, troubles, dissatisfactions will not be as monumental, and the Soul will be felt and be seen as such an Important Part of human living, that this knowledge will supersede any other thought, disappointment that an individual will be subjected to.

I smile as I speak These Words, because They are so full of Love, Direction, and Each Word is given to mankind to give more meaning to mankind regarding human life.”

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