ON NOVEMBER 6, 1995 AT 12:40 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross.  Everyone born to the world eventually becomes aware of the act of prayer, whether it be silent, or in an open manner of speech.  In so many places prayer is being spoken by many who do not realize the power in prayer, yet when mankind talks to an individual, or several people, they feel the power of their own words in getting a point across in discussing a subject, an idea, a goal; yet We see and We hear many who do not feel the same about prayer, because they do not physically feel the Presence of the One to Whom they are speaking, yet We also hear mankind talk about how they can communicate with other people through what they call ‘mental telepathy’.

When an individual first hears a particular prayer and they can associate this prayer with their own needs, they will memorize the prayer.  Most people have favorite prayers that they say mentally or with their voice, that appeals to them, that makes them feel the communication is clear.

There is much humanism throughout the world at this point in time, and there are many who are deliberately shouting whatever comes to their mind, doing it to impress others in what they call ‘Spiritual aggression, Spiritual updating, Spiritual communication’.  A silent prayer is many times said in much earnestness, deep thought.  When people join in saying prayers out loud, it sometimes helps them, because they feel a unification with others, and that in the sound of all the voices, God will surely hear these prayers.

In reality, prayer can be a private communication or a group communication, but no matter how it is done, it has an importance in it, because it is calling upon Someone to hear what they are in need of, or sometimes the prayer is for someone else’s benefit.

Prayer is a special communication.  There is another thought in prayer, and that is in an individual’s sensitivity, awareness of the Existence of God The Father, Our Blessed Mother, Our Lord, Saint Joseph, or any One of The Saints that have been recommended to be prayed to.  There are Many Saints in Heaven, definitely not All written about, because Every Soul that is in Heaven is a Saint, and there is always a real communication heard by Many, when those who are upon the earth say it silently, or with sound.

Children should be taught to remember, to think of the Closeness God is to them, whether they are all by themselves or with others.  Words do not have to be spoken, because all thoughts are recorded, all actions recorded, all requests recorded, all thanksgivings recorded.  I must say though, that thanksgivings are few and far between, because thanksgiving is somehow taken for granted.

As We All are constantly aware of what is occurring in all places throughout the world, We constantly try to use some measure of means to attract an individual to what is important, what is best, when there is any question of a decision to be made that the results could be beneficial to the Soul, plus advantageous to what the individual desires, or feels or wants.

Mankind is never alone, first of all because of the Soul, and then of course, because of all that, through the Soul, mankind is constantly seen by, in a way and in a manner different for mankind to fully understand.

When a child is born, everyone close to the child has a responsibility of caring for the physical needs, plus instructing the child through the caring, talking to the child, and doing everything for the child to give the child a foundation, a basis for being able to one day be independent.

Many times when an individual prays, We do all We can to help the individual make the right decision, if that is what is needed, or to help in some form, some manner, some degree, for the prayer to be answered.

This Miracle of The Father’s Love is a Gift beyond what mankind can fully understand, but We have seen many grow stronger in love with God, for God, and Many of The Saints, because of the open, verbal association that in many ways strengthened the Spiritual growth of the individual or the individuals, beyond what anything else could be credited with.

It is sad when We see so much humanism dedicated to many areas that are detrimental to the dignity of human life, but it is The Father’s Will that This Miracle will help much of this be erased, because humanism has many facets wherein it is destructive, not constructive, and this is a sadness, because it causes the understanding of the Importance of Spiritual Strength, Purity, Goal, to be secondary, thus the Souls of the individual or individuals are the victims eventually.

We could All speak rapidly and every moment of every day, but the physical and the mental of human beings could not handle this, because it is important that mankind live each day caring for the responsibilities of daily living, and accomplishing what is necessary in what the human being must take care of in so many ways.

Each time We speak, We speak with a Love, an Understanding, a Hope, and yes, a Manner of prayer that mankind will grow so in love with The Father’s Will, that he or she will strive in every way to become ‘a Saint’, when the time comes, ‘Immediately.’”

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