ON NOVEMBER 8, 1995 AT 2:40 PM


“I am Saint Bonaventure.  It is impossible, it is difficult, it is impractical, it is inconceivable for some who hear of This Great Miracle, first to believe in It, and then to conceive that The Father would give so much through one small instrument, so much Instruction, so much Direction, so much Love.

When We hear such reaction to This Gift of The Father’s, We do not always smile at it, because in some ways there is a sadness, knowing that when a Gift of This Magnitude is present, and is given with such Perfect Love, for so many to reject It distracts from the Beauty, the Direction, and of course, the Divine Love that is obviously in It.  It is very easy for mankind to use the word ‘love’, because it is an expression that gives more depth in meaning, but Pure Love is The Father’s Love, and This Love has, in Its Very Essence, ingredients that are far above what man can determine love to be.

Many times, when We hear people pray, We see the routine in it, We see it as an automatic thought, action, that eliminates in so many ways, a personal association to Whomever they are praying.  Little ones are taught to pray to their Guardian Angel, and when they learn the prayer, they are many times taught about a prayer to God.  It is important for the little ones to say things that they can relate to, that they can feel is coming from them in a personal way, not always a formal prayer that has been designed, created for older ones to say.

At a very early age children should be taught that prayer is a beautiful communication that would give them strength when it is needed, and will always be returned with an Act of Love because of the Soul they have within them that is a Portion of God, and that Soul is in constant communication with God regarding everything the little one does, says, or intends to do.

Children respond quickly to communication from baby on.  If you smile they respond to you.  If you talk they hear what you say, and the tone of your voice many times says more to them, because they do not understand the words at a very early age.  The Soul of an individual is very often the mediator, and helps instill, or creates a closeness between a child and others.  Of course, this is never, or rarely taught, but the Soul is a Very Important Part of every age of life.  It is the Connector, the Connection between the human and The Divine.  A child is told, ‘God sees you all the time,’ but they are not told about the Soul, that Gift of Divine Light that was given to them immediately, so when they were born, the Soul had been in there a long time.

Many adults cannot fathom a Soul being so much a Part of themselves, because they never think of It this way.  Some may think more of what they have heard about the Guardian Angel.  That is why it is so important for This Miracle to be transmitted throughout the world, because all of mankind must understand that their personal communication with God is closer than they think; It is within them.  It is not through others that they must pass their ideas or their prayers, their requests, but the Soul is the Link between them and God, because It is a Portion of Him, and that is the Part of them that will become ‘a Saint’.”

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