ON NOVEMBER 9, 1995 AT 2:32 PM


“I am Saint Callistus.  We have used this little one in many ways today, more than would be obvious to those with her.  It is important for the whole world to know about This Miracle that has been given to all of mankind, instructing mankind on the Beauty of the Gift of human life and the Goal of this Gift:  to return to The Father Forever.

There are so many who need to better understand the fullness in which human life was gifted.  Mankind is aware of only the physical, and the importance of the physical because of the mentality that each has been given.

When mankind talks about color, there is an understanding of what a definite color is versus a color that is combined with two or more, thus giving the color a definite tone, a definite degree of color, and of course, usually a different name.  This can be compared in many ways to daily living.  Upon awakening there is a definite routine; one most times, a definite place to go, or definite chores that should be accomplished because of the necessity in certain areas that must be taken care of.

The Soul of every individual has a Great Purpose, and every day the actions, the habits, the thoughts, the words, the conversations, have an effect on the Soul of the individual in many ways.  For the Soul’s sake, hopefully all things are said, done, or accomplished according to how The Father Wills it to be:  in a pure way, in obedience to His Commandments, never deviating because of the circumstances, companions, or workplaces that the individual is subjected to.

It is important for mankind to understand, though human life is said in a terminology as though it were putting all of human life in the same category, this in reality is not true, because each life, under the same circumstances, can differ immensely in attitude, in acceptance, in a pure way or an impure way, a serene way, or even to the degree of a diabolical way.  Human life differs in many ways from one individual to the next, even though each one involved can be totally understanding of The Father’s Commandments, fully aware of moral values, or immorality.

It is important for mankind to fully understand what a full Gift human life is, the importance of the decisions in human life, and that human life has a Goal beyond any other living creature or thing.  It is sad when We hear so many block out what is right, what is sound morally, and accept everything that is actively or inactively connected to permissiveness, promiscuity, immorality, in any form, to any degree, even the slightest degree or intention.

The world has been Blessed by This Miracle of The Father’s Love, because It is a Miracle of constant Instruction, constant Protection.  The Soul is the continuous Connection to The Father from the moment of conception, so no human life is ever alone, ever without that Association with The Father that nothing can change, nothing can destroy, nothing can disconnect It.

It is important that mankind fully understand that human life is a Gift beyond any gift that mankind can give to another human being, because human life is a Creation of The Father, and it is His Design, and also, He is a Part of every human life through that Portion of Himself.  For some it may be difficult to fully understand, but it is important that mankind see what a Treasure human life is; first, for all its abilities, the nature, the mentality, and the Spiritual understanding that is innate.  It is not something that an individual buys to make life complete.  There is no way to purchase a Soul.

The importance in This Message is for all who read It to be fully aware of what life contains, and because of all it contains, is proof to mankind that human life has a Special Goal.  There can be no other word for this Goal, other than the Word The Father has given to It, and that is ‘Sainthood’ for the Soul.  So be it.”

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