ON NOVEMBER 14, 1995 AT 2:53 PM


“I am Saint John The Baptist.  This Gift of The Father’s Love that has explained so much regarding the Importance of human life, the Goal of human life, must be read by mankind throughout the world.

Many who will read the Words will more easily understand the fullness in Them, than if They were spoken to them directly.  This Statement may be difficult for some to understand, but just think about this:  Everything you hear that has meaning, do you always remember it word for word?  Do you remember it when you want to connect it to something that is happening at a particular time?

Logic says the memory will remember some, but not always the fullness of what was meant.  That is why it is so important for many of Our Messages through this little one to be written, so that thousands, hopefully millions will one day read Them, and They will trigger into the mind or minds, the importance of Faith in God, prayer, obedience to God’s Commandments, the importance of taking the time for charitable acts, charitable words, that otherwise would never have been even thought of.  The written Word has a positiveness in It, and a lasting of Its Content, that the spoken Word does not have the ability to be remembered in Its fullest degree.

A short prayer is many times a prayer that is said in a quick communication, and this prayer is heard.  Many times, along with this prayer, a child or an adult will have a specific reason for the prayer.  It could be a request.  It could just be a means to speak to Someone that the individual knows will hear.  Mankind, in many places, depends totally on ritual, and oftentimes ignores the personal communication that each one has daily, hourly, even by the minute, with The Father, with Our Heavenly Mother, with Any Saint.  The power of prayer is important to understand, because it says no one is ever alone, under any circumstances, in any place, at any age.

We hear some people of all ages say, ‘Say a prayer for me, I need it.’ What comes to Our thinking is, ‘Have you said one yourself, or are you just depending on someone else’s Faith in this communication?’ Prayer should be an important part of daily living.  It should be practiced automatically as a personal communication of love, of belief, sometimes for guidance, sometimes just to feel better, knowing that Someone is listening.

Children should be taught to say a prayer at any time, in any place, quietly, not letting anyone know that they feel this communication is important and gives them a strength.  All of The Saints Here in Heaven enjoy this type of communication, because in it We feel that a habit like this gives an individual of any age, moral strength, moral courage, moral satisfaction, and also, in some way radiates to others, without a word being spoken, that the individual has something special about them, something that radiates from within them because, do not forget, when a prayer is spoken, to Whomever it is spoken, They become present in a way that would be impossible to explain, but it can be depended upon to occur in a silent way, without any distraction.

The written word gives many definite words to say.  These words are helpful in so many ways, because there are many of all ages who find it difficult to remember a prayer suitable to the occasion, the place, the condition, the situation.  So do not forget, a personal communication is always heard, never dismissed.  So be it.”

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