ON NOVEMBER 15, 1995 AT 11:19 AM


“I am Saint John The Baptist.  Wherever this little one is, Many of Us are ready to speak.  This Miracle that The Father has given to the world in the Name of His Spirit, His Holy Spirit, Saint Joseph, is One Alone in Its Purpose, Its Love, Its Design, Its Reason, Its Goal.

Mankind must hear about This Miracle, and be given many of the Revelations that have passed through It for the benefit of their Souls.  So little is taught from men and women who have felt they walked in Spiritual roles, and who feel that they have great insight into the importance of spirituality that is necessary for each man, woman and child to know more about, and to understand the importance of it for the benefit of their Souls.

When We see one or several attracted to This Gift of The Father’s and then walk away, We know what a loss it will be to each of them, because it is important for every human being to have a continuous access, understanding, to be able to practice sound Spiritual values.  By access, I mean to hearing what is important, reading what is important, in regard to the Soul that is within human life at the moment of conception.

We hear so many false prophets evangelizing on humanism, not truly understanding what they are ‘not saying’ to those who are listening.  So much is based on human understanding, human application.

It is important for mankind to understand This Time to be a time like other Great Times, because The Father has given to the world openly, continuously, through The Saints, and even He Himself has spoken, instructing mankind to a fuller understanding, a greater measure of being capable to one day be able to stand before The Father with a Soul that is ready to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

These are not just words.  What I have just spoken has great meaning in It, much Instruction, and yes, is given with a Love beyond human love, because no human being could care as much as We All Care, for mankind to more fully understand the Greatness of the Soul that is within each man.  So be it.”

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