ON NOVEMBER 15, 1995 AT 12:50 PM


“I am Saint Boniface.  There are so Many of Us Here in the Heavens Who find that to instruct mankind through This Miracle of The Father’s Love, is in so many ways a Gift of His Love to Us, because Each of Us wholeheartedly want mankind to know what a Treasure the Soul is, the Purpose for which the Soul was created as a Part of mankind at the moment of conception, and that That Soul has a Purpose:  to be returned to The Father Forever.

Mankind knows that whatever he or she has materially will not last forever, and yet We are fully aware that mankind many times seeks information on the longevity of what they are purchasing, because it is innate in mankind to want to have something that is worthwhile, practical, useful, and that in man’s terminology ‘will last forever’.

This Miracle has instructed mankind to great lengths regarding the Soul, that in Its Very Essence says It will never be worthless or have no value.  It is important for mankind to value the Soul, because the Soul is a Portion of The Father and is to be returned to Him in a Pure State.

All of Us feel privileged to be able to instruct mankind through This Miracle of Divine Love, because We have experienced so much since the time We left the earth in the human flesh, and We want mankind of all races to not just believe in It, but to practice everything that is morally sound, so that at the moment life ends, Life will begin through their Soul that The Father instilled at the moment of conception.  So be it.”

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