ON NOVEMBER 17, 1995 AT 1:00 PM


“I am Saint Christopher.  It is important that mankind of all races understand that they have a Soul within their being that is a Special Gift of The Father’s, and He expects this Soul to be returned to Him when the human part of life no longer exists.  The Soul will live on.  The Soul is the recipient of all things that the individual does, thinks, acts, practices, partakes in while life is in the individual, but there is Another Life that mankind must think about and never ignore, because the Life through the Soul will be a constant Existence, Communication with The Father, because as It is a Portion of Him, He takes It back with the name of the individual within whom He placed It at one time.

Granted, all of mankind is not aware of the Magnitude of this Blessing, but This Miracle of The Beloved Holy Spirit of God, Saint Joseph, is instructing mankind deliberately, describing how, in the act of creation of a life, a Portion of The Father is placed immediately.  This gives a Special honor, dignity, place for mankind’s life amongst all other creations, amongst all other living things upon the earth.

It is sad for Any of Us Here to hear doubt, rejection, denial of such a Great Occurrence, Happening, where there is no sensation, no sensitivity, no obvious feeling of Its Existence in the human being, but what mankind does not think about is that at the moment of conception, there is a Unity that gives life to the individual that is beyond human intelligence to understand.  It takes Faith in God’s Love to believe it, and to see it for Its Great Worth.

We hear some say: ‘What is a Soul?  What does It look like?’ One way of describing a Soul is that within a human being, from a very small stage of life, there is an innate expression of happiness or unhappiness, inner action with those around, or sometimes more attracted to distraction, showing that within this living human being there is definitely Something Special.

The Father has given to man so many talents, abilities, concerns.  Along with these things, He has given man energy, desires, hopes, qualities that no other living thing has.  This alone should tell mankind that human life is Blessed beyond what can be seen or heard.

We want all of mankind to be aware of what I have just spoken, because in the Words many will be helped to see the Greatness of God, the Generosity of God, the Love God has that is beyond any human love, because The Father gives to mankind a Gift that will remain long after the human life ends.  So be it.”

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