ON NOVEMBER 20, 1995 AT 2:55 PM


“I am Saint Josaphat.  We see so many reading a Bible, hoping to learn more about God, about what is expected of them, but most, as they read this Book, do not fully understand the great value in what the Spiritual life is truly all about.

The words in the Bible are many times not as clearly stated as mankind would understand other words to be, more descriptive, more understandable.  The conciseness in a Bible is sometimes difficult to discern the full meaning.  I do not mean These Words to discredit a Bible, but mankind many times must be shown in a clearer state of descriptive words, the in-depth meaning that is to be received from what is written.

The Father has given the world This Miracle of His Divine Love, that in Its Manner of Description regarding what is expected of mankind, there is little or no area that leaves mankind guessing.  That is one of the reasons This Miracle is such a Precious Gift of Divine Love to the whole world of mankind.

Many times when We see people of different ages reading the Words, people of different backgrounds, people of different degrees of understanding of Spiritual goals, We try to help them see the Greatness in the Love that has put forth These Words, explaining so simply, so purely, in a language understandable, all about the dignity of life, and the Precious Gift the Soul is, and that The Father wants the Soul returned to Him at a given time for All Eternity.

No matter what criticism This Miracle of The Holy Spirit of God is faced with, mankind is being taught, instructed in a personal way, the Importance of human life, and the Precious Gift within it, a Portion of God, called ‘the Soul’.  The beautiful thing that mankind should see about This Miracle, in This Miracle, is that all mankind is created equal.  These Words have been spoken before by mankind for different reasons, but when We say it, it is in a different Context, because it means that all are born with a Soul, all are given the will to make decisions regarding the Soul, that will return the Soul to God for All Eternity.

When We listen to ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty and more men, and some women who have studied theology and feel they have an expertise on the subject, it is amazing sometimes on the differences of opinions that arise from their conversations.  Granted, some agree, but the slightest interpretation could differ in the minutest detail, and change the whole concept.

We All speak through the innocence of one little one.  Her obedience is constant and consistent, because of the Importance of What We speak.  You live in a time as, of course, there were many times such as this, perhaps some worse, that it could be said that this time is critical in Spiritual understanding, beliefs.  It is obvious in many ways that the enemy of God and man uses many ways to distract, distort, confuse what is spoken in such Valuable Truth, because he does not want mankind to follow such an obvious path that can lead the Souls of so many to The Father, when the time comes for the Soul to be assigned Where The Father Wills It to be returned to Him in a Pure State.

If mankind will but not ignore all that is occurring throughout the world that radiates jealousy, hate, egotism, self-righteousness, plus many other forms of humanism, and value What is being learned through This Gift of The Father’s because of the Soundness in It, the Logic, the Truth, the Hope, because The Father wants the Souls returned to Him.  No Soul should ever be lost or in any way be tampered with immorally.

I hold the little one deeply, because This Gift of The Father’s is Far Greater than human nature, human understanding can fathom to the fullest.  It is a Gift of Hope, based on Fact, Sound Values, Sound Standards, and a Treasury of Divine Love that is beyond any human comprehension.

Each time One of Us speaks through this little one, a Blessing passes through the Words to give Strength, Hope, Understanding, Faith, to every individual who takes the time, who accepts The Father’s Love, and who will make a decision to grow to a greater degree spiritually, choosing ‘Sainthood as the Goal’.  So be it.”

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