ON NOVEMBER 29, 1995 AT 1:12 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross. The little one through whom We All speak is alerted to Our Entrance, different than mankind could possibly imitate or conceive.  As We speak through her Soul to her intellect, many learned men would be unable to conceive the in-depth meaning of This Statement.

The world is in much more chaos than any individual could possibly understand, because there are so many different forms, concepts, areas of corruption that attacks the mental, the physical, the moral, the Spiritual, that mankind would not be, or could not be identified with.

As I speak rapidly through her, My Words are as clear to her as your words would be if you were speaking verbally, audibly to her.  This Gift of Divine Love The Father has designed for the whole world, instructing all ages, all backgrounds, to help them understand that life as man has a High Goal, a Special Purpose, and though mankind does not see the Light through which Our Words reach them, they have the privilege of hearing Them firsthand, writing Them down in script, and then reading Them.

There is no Miracle throughout the world as This One is.  It is a Miracle of Divine Love, Direction, Instruction, constantly encouraging, educating mankind on the Importance of human life, on the Greatness of its design, and of course, the Goal for which it was created.

Many Blessings pass through this little one to those who surround her, who listen to Our Words, and yes, even those who will eventually read Them, because it is her obedience to Us that enables Our Words, Our Love, Our Instructions, to reach far and wide.

These Words must be translated into many languages, because there is no living human being that is not the custodian of a Soul, and this Soul must return to The Father at the time He Decrees it to be.  Each Soul in every human life enters that life in a Pure State of Divine Love, and there is more to the Soul’s Presence than mankind truly understands.  The Soul is the Connecting Link to The Divine, direct to The Father, and all things that the individual practices, partakes in, acts out, acts in, registers within the Soul immediately.

Man says, ‘I have a Guardian Angel.’ That is true, but you rarely hear a man say, ‘I have a Soul, and I am responsible for It.’ From the moment of conception, human life is handed a responsibility, one rarely or never mentioned, rarely or never talked about by those who are close to the child.  Everything that is accented is physical, sometimes emotional, but mankind must understand that the Soul should be recognized, because It is the Center of life.  It is in every way a Portion of everything an individual does, just as the beat of the heart says ‘life’.

Mankind has been instructed in so many ways, to so many degrees, regarding the Soul.  All This Instruction has passed through what is called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.  It is so logical for This Miracle to be named in this way, because Saint Joseph, as The Protector of The Holy Family, is now becoming known through This Miracle as The Holy Spirit of God.

It is sad when We hear doubt, rejection, because of mankind’s inability to understand that the Great Gift of human life is more than flesh and blood.  All that has been passed through This Miracle must find Its way throughout the world, in spite of any or all opposition, because Everything that is passed through this little one to mankind has Sound Value in it, Sound Direction, Logic.  It is a Miracle of Information, a Miracle of Divine Love.  So be it.”

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