ON NOVEMBER 30, 1995 AT 12:56 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.  It is difficult for many to understand or to believe that as We Announce Ourselves through This Miracle, it is truly We Who are speaking to mankind at this time, in your time, in such an open, constructive, instructive, understanding form of communication.

There are some very learned men and women who feel very self-righteous in their knowledge of what occurs in The Divine, and how The Divine works, but they do not understand All the Facets of The Divine, because they have learned from books, and many have learned from their own interpretations of what they have read or heard.

This Gift of The Father’s is a Gift beyond any human imagination, human ability, because as We speak, We speak from a Place beyond what mankind has any real understanding of.  The Beauty of This Gift of The Father’s Love, in instructing mankind of the Importance of his or her Soul, and how and when It was placed within the body, is beyond any human imagination.

The Father’s Love through This Miracle is a Gift of Instruction that goes beyond any gift mankind can ever receive, because in the Instruction there is Divine Love, Divine Purpose, and there is no place throughout the world that a Miracle of This Magnitude is being delivered.  True, there are many occurrences that are helping mankind in different parts of the world, that are helping man better understand the Importance of human life and that it has a Goal.

Everything that passes through This Gift of The Father’s Love where you are, must be translated so that others will understand, and it must never be stopped in its spreading All the Information that The Father has directed Us to deliver.  The Father Himself has spoken many times.  This, too, is hard for some to believe, to accept, to acknowledge, but that does not make it untrue, because man has a limited capability of understanding certain Phenomena, and in this lack of understanding, man very often is incapable of passing to others what he or she should.  Sometimes a lack of understanding is stubbornness, a lack of Faith, jealousy, and many other human frailties.

This Gift has been given at a place, at a time, through a little one that The Father was sure would not deviate, and would follow through because of the Importance of such a time as This is, so that all of mankind, all nationalities, all colors, all creeds, would maybe find One Lesson that they would cling to, that would give them the strength, the courage, the ambition, to become ‘a Great Saint’.

I could speak hours through this little one, but We limit Our time so that it is never overpowering in length, so that the individual reading the Words will be able to understand the subject, and the important point of Direction that was given to strengthen the Importance of human life, the Goal of human life, the Love The Father has for human life, that is beyond any other gift that mankind could possibly endeavor to reach.  So be it.”

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