ON NOVEMBER 30, 1995 AT 2:08 PM


“I am Saint Charles Borromeo.  It is important for the communication directed to the very young to be established in a manner, to a degree, that more instruction be given on morality, not just the soundness of it, but the importance of it for their daily living, for their whole manner of living, because a great negligence has developed in so many areas regarding the importance of how the young should begin to structure a more solid factor in their behavior, in their goals, in their attitudes, that will enable them to be able to have the strength to conquer many odds they will be confronted with, and also give them an advantage in the abilities to become more able to stand for what they feel, what they know as being beneficial to every facet of their daily living.

There is so much acceptance, so much leniency, and so much reluctance in correcting what is occurring amongst the younger generations at this time.  There is a tremendous surge of leniency because of indifference, and in some cases, a laziness, wherein there is little strength shown by many who have the abilities, the capabilities in their dealings with the young, because it takes an inner strength, an outward effort, to say what must be spoken, to stand strong in direction, and not to forfeit in any way sound values, sound standards, sound truths.

Children of all ages are being subjected to vile entertainment, and violence in many areas.  To listen to some, We hear, ‘It’s self-preservation.’ In many ways it would sound as though man was returning to barbarism instead of going forward intelligently, logically, setting goals structured for decency, sound progress.

The world is like a cauldron where so many of the young are using confusion to what they feel is advantageous, but in reality, it is nothing but destruction in every form, every avenue in which they apply themselves, or they take part in.  We see so much devastation, so much loss of intellect, so many beautiful challenges left vacant of any interest, because there is a tremendous lack of stable caring, stable direction.

I could talk endlessly on this subject.  I have only opened the door to it at this time.  So be it.”

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