ON DECEMBER 1, 1995 AT 12:39 PM


“I am Saint Paul.  I oftentimes speak through this little one but I do not announce My Name.  This Gift of The Father’s is a Gift beyond mankind’s total ability to appreciate.  In comparison to any gift man can receive, It is a Gift of Divine Love, and all other gifts cater to the human nature alone, to the personal pleasure of the individual, monetarily or physically.  The Father has sent a Divine Gift, One that is beyond human comprehension, only if one does not have the understanding or the belief that within each creation of human life there is a Soul, a Portion of The Father.

The Commandments of God were given so that mankind would have the Guidelines to live by, because of the Importance of that unseen Gift, the Soul.  If it were not for the Soul, man would be like all other things.  There would be no distinction to human life.  There would be no need for moral values, moral soundness to be exercised at all costs.

So Many of Us have spoken, so much Direction has been given, so much delivered on The Commandments of God in detail, distinguishing in many ways, human life from all other things.  It is sad when We hear anyone speak against This Gift of The Father’s, This Miracle of His Love.  All that is being instructed has a definite Purpose, and that is to protect the Souls of all human beings.

Ask yourself: ‘What example am I to all I meet, to all whom I say, “I love you,” to all people that I casually pass by on the street?  What does my appearance say?  Do I express decency, dignity, respect for myself and for others?’

All of Us Saints find it a privilege to speak through This Miracle, for Each of Us has a personal feeling for It, and We fully understand what a Gift It is, of Divine Love to man.

The Father’s Commandments must be stressed in the manner They were given through This Gift of His, because mankind is morally and physically accountable for the full definition of each Commandment every day, in every way, personally and with all others with whom they speak, live with, associate with, or meet casually.

When We hear criticism of This Gift, This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, it is disturbing, even sad, because at no other time has mankind been so deliberately given so much Personal Instruction, and also the Positive Revelation that The Beloved Saint Joseph is truly The Holy Spirit of God.  So be it.”

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