ON DECEMBER 1, 1995 AT 2:33 PM


“I am Saint Clare.  I have been requested today to speak on the importance of prayer, and to reveal to mankind that prayer is not being made a very essential part of daily living, because of so much distraction, and so much emphasis placed on personal feelings, needs.  Prayer, in its full meaning, is communication with The Father, with Our Heavenly Mother, with The Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Any of The Saints Who are always available to listen to any human being who takes the time, requests Acts of Love, or just Someone to talk to.

This may be difficult for some to understand or believe, but it is a Fact.  We are always available, and communication with Us is heard immediately, and We do respond in any way We can, to any degree that is important for the individual situation or request.

Children are not being taught to pray.  The little that is being spoken about in this manner of communication is not enough, because prayer has diminished in so many ways; first, in its degree of how much, how many times it is done.  It does not have to be a formal prayer.  Talk to Us as you talk to each other.  We hear all prayers.  Many times We have the privilege to intercede when there is a need; The Father allows this.  Be aware of the need for prayer, of this communication that hopefully one day will be coming your way when you are Here.  So be it.”

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