ON DECEMBER 7, 1995 AT 2:49 PM


“I am Saint Anastasia.  Many times there are so many things We would like to talk about, and to give Hope where it is needed, Love where it is needed, Strength where it is needed, because mankind, through troubled times, prays for strength to endure, strength to conquer, strength to be able to correct something that is troubling, either physically, mentally or morally.

We want mankind to know every prayer is heard every time We are spoken to in a natural manner of speech.  Just as man talks to man on subjects, We hear all things.  The Father has allowed this communication to be, because it is important for mankind to know that Someone is always listening.  No one is ever alone.  First of all, The Father has placed within each one a Portion of Himself, a Soul, and then an individual’s thoughts are heard by Many of Us, and sometimes when a decision has to be made, We oftentimes use this time to help in some ways.  Man is never alone.

It is important for mankind to understand that as human life is a Special Design of The Father’s, in it is the Ever Presence of a Soul which is a Portion of The Father, so this constant Contact that is available opens many avenues for prayers to be heard, Love to be shown, Help to be given when one feels totally alone.  As you communicate with each other on many subjects, in many ways, for many reasons, you are never without a Presence beyond your sight, beyond your sense of touch.  Remember this.

There are many vocations in life, and there are many places wherein mankind finds himself or herself yearning to find help, seek hope and understanding.  I know it would be difficult at times like these for individuals to feel they are not alone, because they are unaware of what truly takes place.

That is why it is important for everyone to understand that there is someone close by who cares.  It is a task for those who are able to visit others, who need to know that someone is available to listen to them, to speak to them, to care.  Human loneliness is a sadness that unless an individual has experienced it, they cannot fully understand what it does to the mind and the body, and when fear is attached to this loneliness, it is a dreadful experience.

Sometimes when We hear a prayer that is being thought or spoken out loud by someone who is totally lost, full of fear, and bears a loneliness beyond what the meaning of loneliness means, it is important that a kind word, a kind act be given.  Try not to hide from those who need these small acts of love, acts of hope, acts that are needed, sometimes desperately.

Some people never have anyone to talk to.  There is more of this throughout the world than you can possibly conceive.  Much of this occurs because of separate means and ways of living, but it is important to be aware that perhaps some even close to you could be the loneliest person that you could ever conceive loneliness to be.  At times when you become aware that an individual needs a kind word, a smile, an act of love, of care, don’t walk away, but take the time to share a moment that will give hope, strength, purpose, and love, because in many ways, at this moment there are millions of people who fit the description I have just given to you.

Remember what I have spoken, and be sure to thank God it is not you.  So be it.”

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