ON DECEMBER 8, 1995 AT 12:07 PM


“I am Saint Mark.  Many of Us are present at all times wherever This Miracle of The Father’s is present.  The world must read All that has been delivered by Many Saints in Heaven.  The Father’s Words should be the first Ones they read, Our Heavenly Mother must be next, because Everything They have spoken through This Miracle is a Gift to mankind, Greater than any gift mankind can receive.

Mankind accepts instruction from so many different sources, so many individuals who proclaim to instruct others on different subjects, but This Miracle of Divine Love has more than instructed mankind, because through the Very Presence of the One Who was speaking, gives to the Words spoken, Divine Love that nothing else in the world can be placed in the same category with.

The world is in turmoil morally, physically, in many forms, in many areas.  There is destruction morally, physically.  There are so many differences of opinions on what is right, on what is wrong, and much of this is based on individuals who are not fully capable of such responsibility, because of the magnitude of the responsibility that affects so many lives, so many situations, so many conditions.

We hear some supposedly knowledgeable people make rash statements regarding the lives of others.  We hear what man calls ‘harmful jargon’, referring to language that, in essence, is the subject matter of groups that have particular ideas that they want to use as control measures over the lives of millions of others.

Let Me take you back to the Values of human life, the Importance of human life, the Goal of human life.  The best way is for every individual to sincerely evaluate their life according to their obedience to God’s Commandments, not just a short version of each Commandment, but according to the full version, definition, meaning, concept, for which each Commandment was so properly delivered.  Man has a way of shortening everything:  names, places, and all areas wherein major subjects of great importance are involved.

There is a saying: ‘Don’t make the speech, or what you want to say, so lengthy.  Cut it short.’ This may be good in some cases, but most times on important subjects, it causes the subject to eliminate the sound, true values that are necessary for the subject to be spoken, heard, written, remembered to its fullest measure and degree of importance.  You live in a time that so much is done quickly, without thinking.  Time seems to be the important thing, and the actions and the words not as important as the time.  This is ridiculous in concept, because to eliminate important information can be disastrous.

God’s Commandments are evidence of what I have just spoken, and there are millions of people who recognize some Words being a Commandment, but they have no concept of the full meaning of what was meant for that Commandment, to be able to instruct millions on the importance of what God expected man to accept, to eliminate, to practice, and/or to be able to be example of.

The world is in chaos, because too many are ignoring the importance of honor, dignity, and the need to persevere in morality in every facet of life.  Human life has a Purpose, human life has a Goal, human life was created to do many things, not just to stand still in what could be termed ‘a silent mode of living’, but man has been given intellect and the ability to use it, logic and reasons to practice it.

It is time that mankind stop following what others are doing, what others are enforcing because they want to get their way, to have it done according to their thinking.  Mankind should now look at the value in all that is presented, and make decisions that will be beneficial to their own manner of life, intellectually sound, reasonable, practical, logical, and definitely in accord with God’s Commandments.

Let no one interfere with your integrity, your moral abilities, your freedom of will.  So be it.”

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