ON DECEMBER 8, 1995 AT 2:14 PM


“I am Saint Catherine Laboure.  What I am about to say is of great importance.  Though many speak out loud, shouting words to The Father, to The Son, and to The Holy Spirit, their words are more for attention to themselves, and the manner in which they speak these words lacks devotion, sincerity.  There is so much confusion in Spiritual matters at this time, because so many are demonstrating physically, wanting attention for what they say, what they do, what they want others to see them for.

The Father has given to the world, in a quiet way, a quiet manner, yet deliberate in Its Content, the importance of spirituality to every living human being.  Sound spirituality has an in-depth meaning to it, and in it.  It encourages mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, all mentalities, to fully understand that human life has been handed a Gift Greater than any other living thing.  It is innate in mankind to feel there is more than the human side.

Ask yourself, ‘What could this mean?’ Would it not mean that there was a Superior Being that was The Creator of All Things, and that This Superior Being was aware of all things that occur every day, every night, at all times?

Human life has so many Gifts; first of all, the Gift of sight, the Gift of speech, the Gift of hearing, the Gift of taste, the Gift of smelling something that could alert them to their surroundings.  Mankind very often ignores the Gifts because of so many distractions.

Let us take one thing that mankind has, and that is the ‘will’, unseen but evident:  the will to make decisions, choices; the will to be a part of many things; the will to understand what is right, what is wrong; the will to say ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ ‘Maybe.’

Human life is a Treasure unto itself, because it has a Goal that nothing else has.  The Goal is Sainthood, but at this time in which you live there is so little spoken about the Goal of human life that The Father created human life for.  Sometimes We hear man say, ‘When I die there’s nothing left.’ These words can only be spoken because of a lack of Faith in the Importance that God placed in human life, on human life, for human life, to attain Life Everlasting.

So much has been spoken deliberately, in terms that mankind can understand, and anyone who reading These Words, dares to deny Them, walks hand in hand with the enemy of God and man.  The Father has handed to the world through a small child, so much Information, so much Direction, to support all that has previously been given, so that mankind will resist all that is wrong, condemn all that is wrong, and use every moment of life to attain the Goal planned by The Father Himself for man, through the Soul that was placed at the moment of conception.  So be it.”

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