ON DECEMBER 8, 1995 AT 3:54 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross.  It is difficult for so many of the clergy to fully understand, even partially understand the Magnitude of This Miracle of The Beloved Holy Spirit of God, Saint Joseph.

Sometimes when mankind finds something difficult to understand, and they resist all avenues to It, it is because of jealousy, or they do not want to be told that at ‘this time’, in the year they live, that The Father would permit so much to be released, so much Direction be given on the practices that in many ways are not saving Souls, but almost deliberately directing mankind to perdition.

For some of the clergy it began in an innocent way, but then in their instruction of others, it interfered with their personal Faith in how The Father would work in the time in which they lived, through such a small instrument, releasing so much Spiritual Guidance from so Many Saints, and from The Father Himself.

It is sad when We hear rejection, because if they would but see the Value, the Protection, the Necessity, the Greatness of All that is given, that has been delivered because of the Souls, that at this time of so much confusion, so much humanism, so many false prophets accenting their importance, their values, their blessings, their knowledge, thus in many ways causing unlimited confusion.

This little one that is used listens daily.  There is no time that We speak she is not available to Our Presence.  It is difficult for mankind to understand such obedience, because mankind is not resilient when it comes to obedience at uncomfortable times.  Often man thinks of self-preservation, before man thinks of preservation of the Soul, because as the Soul is unseen, to many It is only Something that they heard about, Something that liturgically was suggested in some ways, but the human mind very often believes only what it sees, when the subject matter has a total submission of one’s will to The Will of The Father.

Many have been Blessed through This Miracle and there are many more to be Blessed, because millions must hear All that has been given because of the Souls that are involved, that without more understanding of What the Soul is, Who It is a Part of, what Real Connection It has to God The Father, mankind will be cheated of the Greatest Revelation that man could ever receive.  So be it.”

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