ON DECEMBER 8, 1995 AT 4:11 PM


“I am Saint Bonaventure.  When man walks out into zero weather it can be a shock to the physical, even when the man is warmly clothed to be able to endure such a cold.  At this time many find it difficult to stay out in the cold because of the discomfort of things called ‘frostbite and numbness’, plus the temperature of the body having to succumb to the change.  Imagine what a terrible shock it is to a Soul when the Soul is a victim of horrible sins, and the Soul is defenseless against what is occurring.

Mankind never thinks about this shock that the Soul must endure at moments when it is struck by foul impurities.  There should be more instruction by those who practice Spiritual vows, to be able to relate to what the physical endures at certain times, and what the Spiritual endures at certain times.  Both of these examples can possibly suffer extreme degrees of harm.  Much depends upon many things where the body is concerned, physical and even mental, but then so does the Soul suffer a tremendous amount, because of the peace, the beauty of what purity is versus what pain must occur when the Soul is victimized by foul impurities.

So little is taught about the sensitivity of the Soul to immorality, because mankind does not understand that the Soul, as a Portion of The Father, has a form of reaction, not just disgrace, when it comes to impurities performed by the one in whom the Soul was placed.  When an individual breaks an arm or a leg, or sometimes the neck, the pain is excruciating, and it takes time to mend; also, in most cases it takes help from those who are trained to take care of such things.

What about the restitution the Soul must hope for?  The Soul, during times of great impurities cannot heal Itself, because It is the victim of the individual in whom It is, so the Soul is dependent upon the individual to restore It back to a Pure State.  Not enough is spoken about, preached about, regarding the Soul of every living human being, but science is constantly looking into all ways to help the physical.  There is nothing wrong with this.

Mankind is being instructed through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit of God, to protect the Soul in every way, and children must be instructed on the Importance of the Soul, as well as protecting the physical, because We see so much moral desecration, moral abandonment to the protection of the Soul that is Important because It is a Portion of God, and This never should be ignored or passed over as not something to worry about just because you cannot see It.

You cannot see the inside of your body, all the functions that make life occur in the right order every day, yet you desire all things to be correct.  Mankind must begin to better understand that the Importance of human life is no more important than the Spiritual of life that is evident in every man, woman and child, from the moment of conception to death.  So be it.”

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