ON DECEMBER 18, 1995 AT 12:02 PM


“I am Saint Maria Goretti.  This Miracle is benefiting mankind in so many areas of life, not just the Spiritual, but in things that life is all about, human things.  Many times We talk about personalities, interests, problems.  All these things pertain to everyday living.

In the Creation of mankind, The Father instilled in human life energy to do many things, to accomplish many things, to make decisions, to conquer many things, to be interested in many things, and to cultivate a natural, normal understanding of the Great Gift life is to mankind.

When This Miracle was first announced to the world, the Instructions were not difficult for mankind to understand, because there was so much Divine Love in All that was spoken, sometimes to be written, other times in just conversation.  The Father, in His Full Understanding of all that He created mankind to be able to do, to accept, to honor, to believe in, to follow, are immediate in mankind’s reaction to things, actions, to accomplish things, to perform certain tasks without hesitation.

The Gift of human life has so many facets to it, and with all The Father has given, He made human life Special, in that He placed a Soul, a Portion of Himself within it.  This Soul is That Portion of mankind that will be What The Father will have returned to Him when the human life no longer is active physically, mentally.

This Miracle that has been given to the world is instructing mankind on the Beauty of human life, and what a Precious Gift it is, beyond all other creations.  The world has been Blessed through This Miracle of Divine Love.  Mankind must understand that through This Gift, mankind is being instructed in such a Personal Way, about what man has to look forward to in another day.

Nothing else was created to reach the Goal of Sainthood, and though mankind very often humanly sees only the physical aspect, mankind is being Personally instructed on why man was created, and what the Goal of this Creation is:  Sainthood.  So be it.”

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