ON DECEMBER 18, 1995 AT 2:25 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross.  The amount of Direction that is able to pass through This Gift of The Father’s is endless in Its Content and Its Measure of Love.

It is difficult for some to understand such a Personal Gift of Divine Love at a time like this, through a human being, a human voice.  This Gift passes through one like all others in the world:  a nature, a personality, a code of what is right, what is wrong, and all that pertains to human living.  It is important for This Miracle to spread throughout the world, because It contains so much Personal Direction, Instruction for every degree of personality, nature, intellect.  No one has been left out.

Some might say, ‘Everyone does not speak this language.’ I say, ‘God’s Love is in every language throughout the world, so translation is the answer, good example is the answer, and do not forget, love for one another can be the main ingredient to help others understand that The Father is giving to mankind His Personal Love and Direction.’

We hear some negativism from those who find such Truths difficult, because It is not being passed through one who has studied scripture or who follows a cloistered manner of living, not so much behind the walls, locked into a place where nothing can be done without a director, but This Miracle is free to go everywhere, to everyone, instructing every age on the Importance of Sainthood, on the Importance of the Soul within each human being.

We hear some who walk in the clerical way, command and demand attention to their degree, their understanding, of how a Phenomenon such as This should be.  When We hear this We say to the child, ‘The Father is in charge of This Gift of His; let no one stand in the way of Its spreading as It was designed to spread, because throughout the world there are so many diversified ideas man-made, ignoring the Soundness and the Benefits of a Miracle such as This.’

So Many from Here have spoken, and those who have Faith in seeing the Magnitude of This Miracle are Blessed in many ways abundantly, because you see, to move This Gift of The Father’s throughout the world will take a number of individuals using their Faith, their strength, their love for The Father, their belief in how they can become ‘a Saint’ that will, in sound essence, be the tentacle to touch the lives of millions.

There are so many Directions yet to be given, so much Strength yet for many to absorb, so they can be tentacles to touch other lives throughout the whole world.  So be it.”

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