ON JANUARY 3, 1996 AT 1:20 PM


“I am Saint Gregory the Great.  Many of Us listen to your discussion regarding the importance of Spiritual practices, duties, and what is most important in these things, your actions, your obedience, and many other areas that allow you to practice and help others to recognize the importance of what form, what type of Spiritual endeavors that you use, giving strength to your Faith in God, and giving strength to those who see you.

It is important for mankind to understand that Faith in God is between the individual and God.  The Commandments are the Guidelines, and These should be the method, the means, for each individual to practice sound morality.

Mankind must understand that in each life there is a Portion of The Father; It is called ‘a Soul’.  This Soul is the Connecting Link between God and man, and the Soul must be constantly looked at, looked to, as more than a link, because this Close Association with this Treasured Gift from The Father is not a link as man knows a link to be, because the Soul is placed within the conception, and as the conception grows into a human being, the Soul is ever present, which logically says to mankind: ‘A Portion of God is within me, I am not alone.  I am responsible to The Divine for all I am, for all I do, all I say, all I practice, all I represent.’

Mankind must understand that human life was designed by The Divine for a Special Purpose, Goal; in many ways, representing that Connecting Link of Divine Love, the human mind, the nature, the will.

This Miracle The Father has given to the whole world must never be cut off by anyone, at any place, because of mankind’s inability to see the Magnitude of What This Miracle represents; plus, What It has instructed in such a personal way regarding that Personal Association that only man has with The Divine, the Soul.

Many Saints speak through This Miracle of Divine Love, This Gift of Communication that constantly instructs logically, soundly, firmly, distinctively, what a Treasure human life is because of its Close Association with God.  So be it.”

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