ON JANUARY 10, 1996 AT 12:38 PM


“I am Saint Stephen.  I have not spoken many times openly through This Miracle, but I come on this day for a very special reason, and that reason is to hopefully help you understand the Magnitude of What you are a great part of at this time, according to God’s Plan.

Many profess to believe, that they believe in God, and then there are those who diminish this belief by being, and acting superior to all those they know.  This little one through whom We All speak is obedient to the moment We draw her attention to Us, which can be described as Extraordinary in Its meaning.

It is sad to see so many throughout the world putting humanism, selfish materialism as the most important things in their way of life.  The instruction the young are receiving regarding morals is a sadness to Us, because this instruction is eliminating the Importance of human life, the morals of human life, and the Purpose for human life, that in many ways is not fully understood by many who have studied the theories, and also the theology that describes much of the Spiritual Part of human life.

Men stand in judgment of this little one, and their judgment is based on their own interpretation, their own degree of Faith in God, in the Importance of human life, and what a close association human life has with God.  We hear so much controversy, so much personal interpretation based on humanism, even diabolical measures of thinking.

It is difficult for so many to believe that the enemy of God and man works constantly upon the earth, in ways difficult for many men, women and children to associate this diabolical presence to daily life, the home, the workplace, the school, the places of entertainment, and even in just personal associations.  In many ways, The Father protects mankind from allowing men, women and children to see the in-depth horror of so much presence, in so many places, of the enemy of God and man.

This Message of Mine is to be seen by many more than are here present.  It is important for all ages to understand that one of the greatest Gifts of human life is to be able to choose right over wrong, good over evil, logic over an illogical decision.  We see so many diabolical practices being accepted amidst those who you would least suspect would fall into the trap that is set every place throughout the world.  There are so many excuses regarding the wrong choice of action, by so many who accept, without question, what is logically, obviously impure for the mind, for the body, and for the Soul.

The Father has given to the world a Gift of His Divine Love; first, a voice to be heard, and then the Words to be written, followed by sharing the Words that have so much Meaning, so much Purpose, so much Direction, so much Truth, that it seems to Us Here in the Heavens that What has been given could not possibly be denied, because of Its sensible, logical, factual Direction.

Many times We speak through this little one in a form of general conversation, because to announce Ourselves all the time would be a terrible distraction to those who feel that there could be a suggestion, a personal opinion from her.  We do not allow this.  Some will read These Words and say, ‘Not true,’ but I, Saint Stephen say: ‘Why would I take the time?  Why would God allow so much time for so much to be given spontaneously, and be so logical to the mind or minds of those who are listening?’

Many times mankind is Blessed in many ways, because of his or her sincerity in love of God.  It is important for mankind to understand that at no time is an individual positively alone, for through the Soul of the individual, God is present.  So be it.”

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