ON JANUARY 11, 1996 AT 2:48 PM


“I am Saint Josaphat.  Mankind has been given a Gift Greater than anything man could design for his physical, mental strength, because you see, This Gift of The Father’s was designed to instill a rational understanding of what the human life fully consists of.  Mankind very often places so much emphasis on materialism, humanism, thus totally passing over, ignoring what human life has above all other living things, and of course, this is the Soul.

We hear many, outside this place where you are, discussing in full detail, their opinions regarding This Gift of The Father’s, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.  Sometimes We hear such radical ridicule that it is a sadness to Us, because when this occurs it is usually the one who speaks the loudest, the strongest, rejecting what This Miracle is, that ends up as the one who is believed the most.

We see so many who, if they would but allow themselves to digest mentally the Valuable Information, the Truths that pass through This Miracle, they would find each day a day closer to a purer recollection of values, truths, more worthwhile than anything in the world.  Truth has a way of showing itself, its valuableness, to many areas that are affected by it.

You live in a time where so many are finding evangelization a means to wealth, to popularity, thus in many ways weakening to their character, their morals, and their sound beliefs in truths regarding what God is to all of mankind, and what man is to God.

We hear children, the little ones, saying prayers that they have been taught to say.  Some of them, in innocence, wander off into their own thinking, because of their insecurities, their fears, their inabilities, due to what is occurring in how they live, who they live with, and what they are forced to practice because of family rule, design.  Nationality sometimes plays a part, but for the most part, the morals in the family life are what plays the largest part, because you see, children imitate, and children are subjected to the rule of the home, thus they imitate what they feel pleases, because they do not have the authoritative power of those in charge.  They are subject to what they are told must be.

This Miracle of The Father’s Love is for all ages, all degrees of intelligence, and yes, for all Spiritual endeavors.  This Miracle is a Universal Miracle, and It must be spread throughout the world, so that no one is not allowed to be subjected to What This Miracle Delivers, because It is for all of mankind, and no one must ever be rejected, cast aside, or not allowed to read What has been passed through this little one for the Souls of all of mankind.  So be it.”

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