ON JANUARY 12, 1996 AT 12:26 PM


“I am Saint Columbkille.  Many of Us are present at one time where This Gift of The Father’s Love is.  It is sad when We see so much Spiritual confusion, because in many ways such confusion causes a collapse in the realization, in the reality of the close association man has with The Father.

So much is delivered through This Gift, This Miracle, regarding the Soul that exists in human life, and no other living means.  This Miracle has defined mankind to be Special in design in every way, and the importance it is for mankind to see a close association with The Father.  This close association is through the Soul.

At no other time since the beginning of mankind, has The Father allowed so Many Saints to speak through one small voice, continuously giving Words of Direction, also Words defining the Importance of human life, What it contains, and the Goal for which it was created. The little one through whom We All speak can many times recognize Who We are by the difference in Our approach to her, and the way We deliver through her What We say, What We want others to know.

The little ones must be instructed on the Importance of human life, and the respect due to human life, because of all that The Father has designed in human life:  intellect, understanding, a nature; plus, each individual has what mankind calls ‘a personality’, and then of course ‘the will’ to express in many ways all these things to others, and even through the written word.

Human life has a great advantage over all other living things, because in human life the very knowledge it bears, the courage that it must express at given times, the discreetness that some things must be handled with and by, the physical energy, the mental energy, the outward expression of liking others and other things, and of course, the human acts of love that are shown in many forms, many ways, many degrees.

It is important for mankind to see This Miracle as a Gift of Divine Love.  At this time in which you live, the confusion that surrounds everyone, everything, every avenue of living, is a deep sadness to All of Us, because it could be corrected, it could be changed, showing respect, dignity, honor, hope, instead of so much morbid anticipation, acceptance amongst human beings.

As We All speak so distinctly through this little one, Our Soul is often recognized by her, by Our approach, because as mankind has a difference in personality, nature, character, the Souls of Everyone show in a slightly different way.  This will be difficult for some so-called ‘learned people’ to fully accept, because they have not experienced Our Presence in the same way, manner, this little one has become so used to.  The Soul of every individual, even though It is a Portion of The Father, takes on many similarities of the one in whom It is so much a Part.  You must remember this.

Much Love passes through Everything We speak, because there is no time at the present, or in the future, that This Miracle of The Father’s Love will not remain obvious, because of All that has been delivered that, in essence, bespeaks Truth, Logic, Hope, Direction.  So be it.”

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