ON JANUARY 12, 1996 AT 3:24 PM


“I am Saint Matthew.  We smile when We hear those close to this little one so serious, so conscientious, so helpful, where This Great Miracle of The Father’s is definitely present.

It is difficult for some who hear about This Miracle to believe that God would speak so Directly, so Personally, through a small one in the world.  Most of mankind would obviously feel that the individual would have to be of great important stature, known for specific greatness, important actions that appealed to the whole world.  This is not The Father’s Way.  Very often when a Great Miracle is given to the world, the individual chosen for so much Love, Inspiration, Consolation, Instruction, is one that others would least suspect, but always one who The Father knows will be obedient to the limit He Decrees obedience to be.

So much has been spoken about the Soul that is placed within each conception.  There has never been so much taught, so much instructed on this ‘Living Portion of The Father’ that He places within each human life.

Mankind worries about responsibilities, because of the stress to the human mind and body, plus the results of these responsibilities.  This Miracle of Divine Love is a Personal Gift of The Father’s Love to the whole world of mankind.  All ages, all cultures of mankind must become acquainted to the degree of What has been given, not just on Inspiration, but on Factual Information.

The world is in great need of all the Instruction that has passed through a small voice, because mankind needs to know, to understand, and also to be able to apply all this Instruction to daily living, for the benefit of the Soul that is to be one day returned to The Father in the manner that He Desires It to be, aglow with love for Him, because It is a Portion of Him.

We hear parents speak of their children, and We hear parents say, ‘The child has many actions, the child takes after me.’ The pride in this statement is a natural human pride, and in many ways, of course, to a Greater Degree, The Father feels this way about the Souls that He wants returned to Him, in the same way, same degree, that He once placed Them at the moment of conception in a human being.  So be it.”

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