ON JANUARY 15, 1996 AT 1:59 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross.  Wherever this little one is, there is always the Presence of One or Many of Us.  You might say We watch over This Gift of The Father’s, and Each of Us, in passing by, checks what is going on, because This Gift of The Father’s is of a Magnitude Greater than any human intellect.

The Importance of This Gift of The Father’s is to instruct mankind in many ways regarding the Importance of the Soul, that unseen Portion of life within each human life.  The Soul is a Portion of The Father, in many ways indescribable to mankind, because mankind’s intellect, understanding of such an Important Gift of Love, of Life, is out of the realm of what mankind associates with living things, matter.

It is important for the whole world of mankind to become aware of the existence of This Miracle.  There is no other One like This in any part of the world.  That is why it is so important for translations to be accomplished and passed to the designated areas, wherein It will give to those in that area, the Valuable Information that will help them better understand the Gift of the Soul that is present within their being.

It is important for mankind to logically understand that in the beginning of Christianity, everyone did not speak the language of a particular area where so much was taking place as the foundation was being formed, so translations later had to come, for the knowledge of the Birth of The Son of God, and All that followed through the Apostles, plus everything else that became a part of the Important Messages, were translated into languages that could be read by others in different parts of the world.

You are definitely at this point where this must be repeated, because of the necessity for mankind to receive All that has been given through This Miracle of The Father’s Love.  Each Lesson is important, Each Description is important, because what will help some individuals better understand The Father’s Love for mankind, will in some ways be one way for some people, and another way for others.

There is very little being taught about the Importance of human life, why it was created, because there is so much emphasis on the humanistic values that take precedence over why life was created in the first place, and the Goal for which it was created.

We smile when We hear individuals say: ‘I can understand the First Commandment, I can understand the Second Commandment, I can understand the Third Commandment, but the rest of The Commandments, as I have learned Them, seem to be short in content, and in this limited amount of explanation, make Them less important to me.’

I, Saint John of The Cross, say: ‘It is important for mankind of all races, all cultures, all creeds, all ages, all degrees of mentality, understand that the conciseness in which These Commandments have been handed down, does in many ways eliminate Their full meaning.  That is why This Miracle of Divine Love has been on a Mission of Instruction, covering all that is missing from the ordinary instruction that has diminished so much value, fact, and full meaning of each Commandment, plus many other areas that mankind is daily made a part of, whether one is alone or with others.’

When We hear anyone say that this so-called ‘Gift’ is not from The Father, it is disturbing to hear such ingratitude, such egoism, such a lack of insight into the Divine Love of The Divine.”

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