ON JANUARY 16, 1996 AT 9:55 AM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.  Many from Where I am have alerted, and/or even warned mankind of the urgency to abolish all that is evil, diabolic, and indecent to the mind, body and the Soul.  It is sad when We see What We say ignored and/or violated by arrogance, in rejection of This Direction.

This Gift The Father has given to the whole world of mankind is One in which men, women and children should immediately recognize the Sound Direction, Advice, and not continue to cater to all that is diabolic.

We hear many say, ‘Why her?’ of course, meaning the little one The Father chose for such a Direct Communication.  This remark is but a cover of excuse, because man does not want to see the vileness in so much moral corruption that they partake in, and basically thrive on every day, every chance they get.

The Father’s Commandments are being ignored, because men, women, and even some children feel They were meant for another time.  Time is a continuous thing, so how can anyone feel that such Sound Logical Direction was only meant for a specific era of human life?  If mankind will but see that the practices and needs of human life basically never change.  The human body, mind and will are the basic foundation of what men, women and children are automatically associated with, and are all basically based on the moral values and moral standards by which the individual accepts for himself or herself.

God’s Commandments can never be outdated because They are based on human intellect, behavior, and understanding of right, wrong, and just.  So be it.”

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