ON JANUARY 17, 1996 AT 1:04 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.  We are All in evidence to this child.  She is aware of Our Presence at all times.  When We wish to speak, We tell her in Our Own Way.  Each of Us, one would say, has a different manner of approach.

We understand that it is difficult for some who stand on the outside where This Miracle is present, to fathom such an Occurrence, such a Personal Communication, but All that is given in the written form should be seen for Its Great Worth, Its Truth.  How else could anyone speak so fluently with the subject bearing Our Names, and for the Purpose for which We speak?

There are many decisions to be made by those who are close to this little one, decisions in ways in which Our Words can travel throughout the world.  We hear some say, ‘If the Saint would want the Messages to be delivered for us to hear, or to read, the Saint would automatically speak to one close to us, one who we would understand personally.’ This is a sadness for Us to hear, because logically mankind looks back on History, and how many of those living now were present at the Crucifixion?  Did it not take a great deal of the written Words to travel through time, through languages, through the dedication of some, to promote the Words, the Messages, to the coming generations?

You do live in a time where sin is prevalent in all forms, all degrees, all ages.  It is not only prevalent, but acceptable.  We hear so many excuses, so many weak attempts, justifying what is occurring.

The Father has given to the world This Miracle of His Love, to give to mankind a substantial amount of Information, Personal Words from different Ones of Us from Heaven, so that hopefully others will be touched mentally, morally, spiritually, by maybe one Sentence, one Direction, to help them realize the Importance of human life, and the Greatness of the Gift The Father instilled in each human life, a Portion of Himself.

We hear people say, ‘The child takes after the mother, the father, an aunt or an uncle.’ Does it not occur to most that the child’s habits, actions, are picked up many times because of how they respond to that other individual, either through personal physical association, or sometimes by hearing things that appeal to them about the other one?

Granted, many times in a family there are traits that occur that are noticeable, but then in the same family there can be totally different ideas in many, many areas of life.  For instance, let us say that two children are separated at the moment of birth; one goes one way, the other goes a thousand miles in another direction.  Maybe they are a year apart.  They are individuals in the Eyes of God, and it is amazing to hear people try to correlate certain facets of behavior in later years.  Each human being is born as an individual, and mankind must understand that each one has a Special Portion of The Father called ‘the Soul’, and This is the only True Single Thing that is equal in every Portion of It that mankind receives.

What I have spoken may be difficult for some to understand at first, but reasonable logic must be taken into consideration.  People are born with two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two arms, two legs, and of course, everything else is like all others are born.  I am not going into the fact that there are some differences sometimes, physical and mental, but the Soul that is within each human life is a Portion of The Father.  It is a Protection in more ways than mankind can conceive.  So This Miracle was created to give to mankind much Instruction, because of the Soul that must be returned to The Father at another time.  So be it.”

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