ON JANUARY 17, 1996 AT 2:06 PM


“I am Saint Agnes.  It is important for small children to be aware, and also to understand This Gift of The Father’s Love, This Miracle that instructs in so many areas, all ages, helping them better understand the importance of loving God as man.  As man, I mean the one who is loving God should remember they are a Creation of God’s, and were created with a Portion of Him within them.  This Portion of Love, of Greatness, had and has a Specific Purpose.

Without the Soul, mankind would be like all other living creatures, but the Soul gives to each human life a Special Closeness, a Connecting Link of Love, Purpose, because as a Portion of God, the Soul helps the individual to more fully understand that purity of mind and body pleases one’s Soul, thus pleasing God more readily.

Children are not being instructed on the importance of prayer, on the Importance of the Soul that is within them, that is close to God every moment of every day, every night.  The Soul never leaves once It is placed within the conception, until The Father takes It at a given time, back to Where He is, for All Eternity.

It is sad to see so much humanism throughout the world, because it eliminates in so many ways, the reality that God is Present at all times, and that is why it is important to have respect for the body, and never allow it to be used wrongly.

Children are not being told about the importance of communication.  By communication, I mean spontaneous words to God at any time during the day, or when one is awake during the night.  The Soul is the recipient of these prayers, these words, and the Soul immediately passes these words on.  It is a direct contact with God Himself at all times.  Even adults should remember this, and never ignore this Fact.

The world has been Blessed by This Miracle of Divine Love.  It is personal, many times very private, and It is always there.  So be it.”

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