ON JANUARY 17, 1996 AT 3:47 PM


“I am Saint Andrew.  It is difficult for mankind to fully understand a Miracle of This Magnitude in the time in which they live.  It is easier for men, women and children to read of the past times, because it is unbelievable to believe that they could be present when God Himself is handing to the world such Personal Direction, so much Instruction, encouraging mankind to see the Value of human life, the Importance of the Soul in each human life, and the Goal for which human life was created.

Many times, when We are silently present in different places wherein there is a group of people, all ages, being instructed in what We call ‘humanistic values’, We find that many times a Spiritual aspect is injected, and the humanistic input supersedes any of the Spiritual instruction.  We see, too, that the people are drawn to this place where this is happening, because they were informed that it would be a Spiritual union of thinking, of practice.

Throughout the world there is much chaos in what determines ideal Spiritual beliefs, sound reasoning in Spiritual actions, understanding.  Children are not being instructed by those who have the insight of what to teach, how to teach it, regarding the Importance of what human life was created for, and the Closeness The Father has with human life every moment of every day, since the moment of conception.

As I speak to you, there are Many of Us Here Who watch in other areas, the humanistic versions that are being written about what The Father is All About, what life is all about, and it is a sadness to Us because so much is being left out.  We see those who will read or hear what passes through the imagination of some, never truly understanding the Value of the Gift of human life based on the Soul that is within each human life, making human life a Special Design of Creation, for a Specific Reason, a Definite Purpose, a Goal Greater than mankind can relate to or ever imagine.

I speak through a tired voice, but I assure you that as long as One of Us Wills Our Words to be spoken, to be written, We will never be rejected, because of the importance of What We say, because It is for the Souls to be returned to The Father for All Eternity.

Mankind has been Blessed in many ways; first, because mankind has the intellect to receive truth, and then mankind has the ability through the intellect, to use the truth to a great advantage.  Truth has a ring to it.  It has support in it.  It bears a value that supersedes what untruth could be identified with.

There are many written Words that mankind has to use, to value human life to its fullest degree.  The Father, through This Miracle of His Divine Love, has directed Many Saints to dictate constantly, instantly, for the benefit of the Souls who are present, who will write the Words, and then who will pass the Words on to others who could never be present for some reason, whether they are not of the culture or the Spiritual understanding, and have been raised in belief of a different way.

The Books with All of the Words through This Gift of The Father’s Love, must never be stored, but must find Their way to many, many places throughout the world, not just in the English language of your way, but translated into other languages so that no one is left out.”

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