ON JANUARY 18, 1996 AT 1:02 PM


“I am Saint Irenaeus.  Many times when I speak through This Gift of The Father’s, I do not always announce My Name.  Many Others Here also do not announce Their Name, because there is so much attention attached to the Name that the subject matter is oftentimes secondary.  Remember this.

This little funnel that so much Direction is passed through, is not an ordinary happening, occurrence in the world.  It is Extraordinary, and must be seen as a Special Gift of The Father’s for the Souls of not just those present, but for millions of others who are meant to read the Words taken by a few.  The Father wants those who write These Messages to understand that they, in a particular way, are messengers of His Words, just as the Apostles were in another day.

Today as I speak, it is to encourage all who will read These Words to make an effort for the young to better understand the importance of purity of the mind, the physical, in all aspects of human life.  It is not difficult to practice purity.  In reality, it is more difficult to practice impurity in any aspect of it, because impurity leaves an indentation, a mark, a scar that many times is irreparable, and definitely not easy to erase because of its identifiable harm that it does to the Soul of the individual, plus to the conscience many times, or to the habits, or even to the physical.

Children of all ages are not being instructed properly, continuously, on the importance of honesty, sound values, sound standards, morality.  Children are not being instructed on the purpose for prayer as a communication to God, to Our Heavenly Mother, to All The Saints.  There are so many distractions throughout the world, that each in their own way have a tendency to destroy morality, decency, purity, hope, even many times, a total physical of an individual or individuals who practice what they instinctively know is wrong, or fatal to their body, or their mind, or their Soul.

All the Messages passed through this little one have a reason, because of The Father’s Love for mankind.  It is sad when We see that mankind does not understand The Father’s Love for the physical and the importance of the mental, as well as He cares about the Soul that is a Portion of Him because, do not forget, all that mankind is, was created by God Himself.

The world has been Blessed many times through This Miracle, because Everything that is spoken is to give Strength, Direction, Protection, and Each Thing is given with a Love in a far greater degree than what mankind can determine love to be.  So be it.”

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