ON JANUARY 18, 1996 AT 2:31 PM


“I am Saint Peregrine.  As I am speaking These Words to you on this day, it is sad for Me to say that throughout the world there are many who are denying the Importance of what human life was designed for, and what human life can be compared to.  Mankind is not struggling to be saved from demonic measures, means, in any way.  It is acceptable in many forms, many degrees.

The Father has sent to the world This Gift of His Divine Love, allowing All of Us to instruct mankind personally on the Importance of the Soul that resides within each human being, no exceptions, and no one is never not given a Soul at the moment of conception.

We hear some say: ‘What is a Soul?  If It was Important, why wouldn’t I see It?  Wouldn’t I feel It, wouldn’t I mentally be aware of Its Presence?’ These same people should say, ‘Do I constantly feel particular organs that are within my body, or do I just feel them when they hurt?’ Would not this also apply to the senses of the mind, to be aware that when someone does something impure, immoral, something inside of them gives them an awareness of the wrongful act or acts, perhaps the mind, perhaps the conscience, perhaps the inner sense of morality over immorality?  There is no human being that does not have some judgment on what is right and what is wrong, what is truth, what is untruth.  Even the very young are aware of the distinctness in these things, in these senses of human life that are there but rarely seen.

This Gift of This Miracle is Far Greater than any human mind can truly understand, because the mind of individuals sees acts, actions, ideas, possessions, ideals, and many other things, with individual sense of judgments.  This Gift of The Father’s is Greater than any precious jewel that man could possess, because All that The Father has given and is giving in Words understandable, alerting all types of human natures, degrees of human wills, different personalities, backgrounds, enlightening mankind spontaneously to the right, to the wrong, to the good, to the evil, to the correct judgment, to the lack of good judgment.

A newborn baby is born in total innocence.  The little one is instilled with all the things that make this little one dependent at first, and then slowly grow into independence.  The little one imitates and learns from those with whom he or she grows.  This Statement is important, because so many traits of the little one are initially retained by the little one from the very beginning. ‘The learning stage’, they call it; ‘the loving stage’.  Remember the importance of when you face a little one, whatever you do, whatever you say, can leave an indelible mark in the brain to be remembered at a later time, not remembered in the same manner that you could define.  So be it.”

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