ON JANUARY 24, 1996 AT 2:02 PM


“I am Saint Michael the Archangel.

Mankind does not truly understand that with each life there truly is a Guardian Angel.  The Angel is silent, but is a Protector when the individual is in many types of danger.  Some people sometimes call it ‘their intuition’.  We smile at this, because they were aware of a probable physical harm, or some form of intrusion on their life.  It is true, the Guardian given to each human being allows the will of the human being to see the danger, the problem, and the individual, through intellect, through responsibility, through logic, wards off the danger or the act that is totally impure, and will mar the Soul of the individual.

Very little is taught or spoken about the Guardian of each human life.  The Guardian is not like man pictures It to be, for the Guardian reflects in the Soul of the individual automatically, and through the Soul, the individual man, woman or child is protected in more ways, more areas, more degrees, more times, than any human being can have the awareness of.  The Soul many times alerts the mind, alerts the physical, and the individual responding to such an alert connects it to its own intuition, its own sense of judgment, because rarely does anyone, at a given time, think of the Soul, Its Presence, and that It is truly a Portion of The Divine.

For some time now, there has been so much laxness in instruction regarding the faculties of mankind, the innate sense of mankind, in which and through which the Soul very often works hand in hand with the Guardian Angel.  It is a past prayer to many, a thing of the past for individuals to talk to their Guardian Angel in a formal way, or ask this Special Gift of The Father’s to protect them along the way, but the important point here is that the Guardian Angel does work hand in hand, closely with the Soul of the individual.

Now I ask you to be reminded also, what state of purity would you say your Soul is in, due to your daily actions, your manner of speech, and also how you deal with your moral standards, moral views, moral example daily?

Mankind talks about being blessed.  This means many things to many people.  Sometimes the Blessing is financial, sometimes it’s a physical favor, sometimes it is through just associations, because there is a feeling of happiness, acceptance, or a feeling that something special occurs, relating it to a normal situation, and yet it gives much hope, much pleasure, much strength.

This Message is to remind mankind that The Father has not eliminated or excluded one facet of help morally, physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, that mankind cannot depend upon for all circumstances, at all times.  The important thing is that mankind remember there is always Someone ready to give strength, hope, understanding, yes, and even help in times of great necessity.  So be it.”

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