ON JANUARY 25, 1996 AT 1:12 PM


“I am Saint Charles Borromeo.  The Father has given to the world a voice, and through this voice Many, Many, Many of Us speak.  What We speak about is the Importance of human life, and all that The Father has given to human life so that one day every individual human being, through their Soul, will have the opportunity to spend All Eternity Where The Father is.

We hear some discuss, argue, and even dwell on the importance of what a moral value is, what a moral standard is, and many times the speech becomes so full of personal views that the value of the discussion is lost.

Today I have come to speak on the Importance of human life, and that each human being stands alone, and will stand alone at the time of the Judgment of the Soul.  This is not loneliness as mankind understands loneliness to be.  This is how each one is born as a single human being.  It is important for mankind to value Faith in what life is all about, the Purpose for life, the Goal of life, as it was intended by The Father to be.

In the human way, We see many areas of what is called, termed, ‘control’, justifying the rules and regulations for certain areas wherein mankind is involved.  This happens many times, due to the place a person is born, the beliefs of the family in which the individual is a part of the instructions, the learning years by others, and the importance of how an individual decides on decisions according to their background, what they have accepted, and what their decision will be according to their personal code of ethics, code of honor, code of understanding, code of beliefs.

We hear little children take stands with each other on what is right, what is wrong, what is true, what is untrue.  Every human being has an individual sense of logic, individual sense of understanding, individual sense of personal view.  This view can be on many areas of life.  It can be on how one adjusts to their surroundings, how one views the importance of education, what type of education they are interested in, and the views also are identifiable by an individual’s choice of Spiritual acceptances, rejections, motives, intentions.

A human being is a very diversified Creation of God, because in the will of every human being there are a great many decisions to be made, from a small child up into years.  The Gift of human life is a Special Gift of Divine Love, because human life has a Goal beyond any other living creation.  It is important for mankind to see the Beauty in the Gift of human life because of the Generosity of God, through the brain, through the sight, through the touch, through the speech, through the ability to hear and make decisions on what they hear; of course, connected to all these other Gifts The Father has so generously given.

The world in many places is in chaos, morally, physically, socially, educationally, spiritually.  There are so many who feel they have the power to dictate, instruct, direct the lives of others.  Of course, many times, in this concept, they ignore the free will of the individual or individuals, and then cause a regression of understanding which can be harmful to the ideals, ideas, and the moral aptitude, goals, that are so essential.

Each time One of Us speaks through This Miracle of The Father’s Love, it is important because of the content of what is spoken has a Direction or Correction, but there is always an Ultimate Motive, Purpose, because of the Divine Love that is the Foundation of Everything that is spoken.  So be it.”

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