ON JANUARY 26, 1996 AT 11:56 AM


“I am Saint Paul.  This Miracle that The Father has Blessed the whole world with, allows mankind the Information to better understand the privilege it is to be man.

In different areas of life, men, women and children try to achieve important places.  There is no greater important place than being a human being.  It is the foundation to support everything else:  mental abilities, physical abilities, Spiritual growth.  The human body is important, and that is why The Father instilled in it the senses, because in these so-called ‘appointments’ to give human life a larger girth for knowledge, it is important that mankind use all the senses to achieve Sainthood as the Goal of life.

Mankind reads that the Goal of life is Sainthood, but he or she automatically eliminates the fact that each human being has to use the senses, the knowledge, the sensitivity to right over wrong, and make the decisions that are right.

The world has many types of human beings.  The Father, in His Creation of mankind, designed it this way, else there would have been no distinctness between one human being from another.  All areas to make life Special were in The Father’s Creation of man.  The mentality in itself is a tremendous Gift of Divine Love.  The physical abilities hand to mankind capabilities to do so many things.  The Spiritual beliefs, though different in many places, can give strength to what is right, what is good, what is moral.  There are so many things in human life superior to any other living thing, and of course, the Soul is Special to mankind, because It is the Connecting Link between God and man that nothing else has.

It is important that This Miracle of so much Instruction be deliberately passed throughout the world, alerting men of all races that they have within them a Gift of Divine Love.  There is no place in the world teaching What We are teaching through This Miracle of Divine Love, because in This Miracle, The Father has given to mankind a consistency, a constancy, and a deliberate Instruction, so that man can see that human life does not just have intelligence to be acted with, but has a Soul that is always in close association with God Himself.

Mankind was instilled with likes and dislikes, and in these it shows what man calls a ‘personality’.  The reason for personalities is so that mankind would be different than any other living thing, and that even in the midst of themselves, men, women and children would find that human life had many different ideas, ideals, degrees of intelligence, and all these things reflecting through the personality, made associations with each other more interesting.

Human life is a Special Divine Gift of Love, and it must never be forgotten that with all it is in the eyes of others, there is a Soul that is closely connected to The Father, continuously.  So be it.”

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