ON JANUARY 26, 1996 AT 3:20 PM


“I am Saint Patrick.  There are so Many of Us present at all times where This Gift of The Father’s has been placed for the whole world.

It is difficult for many to understand a Miracle of This Magnitude that constantly delivers to mankind, not just Information, but Direction, and of course, Facts to encourage mankind to be constantly aware of the Presence within them of a Soul, that in reality is a Portion of The Father that nothing else created has.

All of The Saints cherish Their Part in This Gift of The Father’s, and Many are available to speak at a moment’s request by The Father.  If All of Us were to speak as We would like it to be, the child through whom We All speak, physically would be incapable of receiving constantly every hour of the day, Words from Here, because there would be no lapse of time for rest.

The world has been Blessed by All that has been delivered, and many times when We are present other places, and watch others read What has been delivered, and We hear their criticisms, their acceptances, their doubts, their encouragements, the value they put on These Words, or the lack of value they instinctively speak about, many times is a sadness to Us, because they do not have the sensitivity in their Faith in God to understand His Ultimate Love for man.  They say they believe in God, and yet they cannot fathom in any degree, His Closeness to them.  That is why This Miracle is such a Great Gift to all of mankind.  It assures mankind of the Closeness to human life of The Holy Trinity.

We hear so many confusing remarks about what is going on, what is occurring, regarding all the dissension on Spiritual matters.  We hear those who feel they have a deep Faith in the Existence of God, the importance of prayer, yet they innately deny that God would come to mankind in the time in which they live.  They automatically say: ‘How can this be?  There is no other time in History that I know of that He has spoken so much, or has allowed The Saints to speak so much.’ They continue on, regarding their past in reading Bible History, remembering quotations from the Bible.

At different times in the History of mankind, The Father has ‘openly’ in some ways allowed mankind to know of His True Existence, and of His Love for mankind.  This Miracle of His Divine Love has allowed so Many Saints Here in Heaven to speak openly, lovingly, giving to mankind Personal Messages, Information that, without a doubt, has to be from the Source It is from, because mankind could not speak this way, or have the audacity to announce being ‘God The Father’, ‘Our Heavenly Mother’, ‘Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit of God’, ‘Our Lord’, or Any of The Great Saints.

This Miracle has addressed mankind with Dignity, with Love, with a Deep Spiritual Affection, because The Father has Decreed ‘this time’ to be, that a small voice would walk upon the earth, and speak openly All that The Father Willed for mankind to receive.  If the voice were loud, expressing strength, personal opinion, strong egotism, it would then be obvious to mankind that this could not be The Father, because The Father, knowing the nature of mankind, the mentality of mankind, would do it in a manner, a way, that mankind could feel the Greatness in What is being spoken, has been written, and that mankind would automatically react to the Soundness in All the Words, the Logic, the Hope, the Genteelness, the Strength, the Balance, the Importance, the Motives, the Directions, the Love.

This Message is to be given throughout the world, because The Father has given This Miracle to mankind because of the Souls that are yearning for the one in whom They are, to value what human life is all about, and to see the Importance of the Goal for which they were created.  So be it.”

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