ON FEBRUARY 1, 1996 AT 12:36 PM


“I am Saint Martha.

This Gift of Divine Love The Father has given to the world is a Gift Far Greater than mankind can conceive, perceive a gift to be.

When someone is given a gift, whether it be personal or not, there is an innate sensitivity to receiving the gift, and many times even to the giver of the gift.  The Soul that no one sees is a Treasured Gift of Divine Love, because It is a Gift from The Father, a Portion of Himself, and this Gift is to live on Forever.  No one can describe this Gift, because no one has ever seen this Gift.

At the time that The Son of God was upon the earth, He introduced the Fact of this Gift whenever He would decide that in His talks with the people, that it was important for them to understand that human life had more than any other living thing, a Portion of The Father within them.

So much emphasis is put on the degree of the intellect of an individual, or a group of individuals, also if certain ones are gifted with talents that are extraordinary in certain areas of life.  These are so numerous, because of the nature of the individuals, the innate understanding, ideas, talents, abilities, also the structure of these things determining a direction for them, a subject for them.  The Father has given to mankind in such a generous way, every facet to make life more interesting, and to give human life goals; also, the innate understanding of what is right, good, sound, logical; also, all the things that are opposite of these things.

We see some who dwell on one facet of their mind or their talents.  We also see some who innately resent others who are able to express their God-given talents.  Sometimes We want to be able to openly say, ‘Stop your envious attitudes, your jealousies; you are destroying what you are, what you have, what you can be, what you can do.’ Jealousy, hate, envy, three of the major things that the enemy of God and man thrives on, because in these things there is only a chance for ultimate failure, but the enemy of God and man works diligently to nourish in some men, women and children, these attitudes, these decisions.

Children should be taught, and then instructed more thoroughly on what is right, what is good, what is sound, so when they are confronted with negativism, or a form of thinking that is based on jealousy of any kind, they will have the strength to conquer, and use sound reasonable logic that has hope in it, growth, understanding, balance.  All of these things, of course, give moral strength, moral advantage.

This Miracle The Father has so lovingly given is to awaken in mankind the Purpose for human life, the advantages of understanding the Greatness of The Father’s Gift to mankind, the Soul.

If you were to stand on a corner and speak all truth to everyone who walked by, you would either be called an unkind term such as ‘crazy’, ‘out of your mind’, because instructing mankind is not always acceptable when it is done, interfering with what man, woman or child are not interested in at that time, or the manner in which it is being done is objectionable because of preference in how one would like to hear certain things.  That is why The Father has chosen a small voice to dictate What He Wills mankind to learn about, to know, to understand, for the benefit of the Soul that is within each human life.

This Miracle has a Greatness in It beyond any invention that mankind could possibly be part of.  The Father’s Love has been spoken a million times, in a multiple of ways, so that individually What has been delivered can be read, absorbed, thought in depth about, and then left up to the will of the individual to see the Value in It, the Importance in It, and follow according to their position in life, their mentality, their Spiritual understanding, and the Love they feel is instilled in what they have learned, because The Father, through His Love for mankind, has given to mankind ‘the freedom of the will’.  So be it.”

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