ON FEBRUARY 1, 1996 AT 3:15 PM


“I am Saint Peregrine.

Physical illness is frightening, because an individual very often becomes dependent on someone else or others.  Physical illness many times, in many ways, has a dramatic effect emotionally, psychologically, because of the innate fear that often accompanies it.  Mankind ignores Spiritual illness, because it does not affect the habits, intentions, practices, and/or human faculties, yet to be spiritually weak, morally weak, willing to participate in many areas of life that are degrading to human life, plus causing much harm to the purity of one’s Soul.

At this time there is too little emphasis on God’s Commandments, the full meaning of each one of Them, and the importance of Them for the moral soundness of human behavior.  When mankind feels a headache or some small physical impairment, he or she immediately finds a light medication to alleviate the distress.  Ask yourself, ‘Have I ever thought of the distress my Soul is in when I sin repeatedly, even if it is termed a “venial” sin?’

At this time throughout the world, sin is not thought of in the manner it should be, because sin is impurity in some form that is rejecting obedience to God’s Commandments.  There are mental impurities, physical impurities, even Spiritual impure thoughts, actions, deeds, that closely resemble what the enemy of God and man would use to abuse the Soul in many ways.

When We hear jealousy spoken about, acted out through life at all different ages, We often hope, desire, that God will open the eyes, the heart, the minds of those who are so abusive in impure acts, actions, and allow them to see what they are doing to their Soul.

When man walks into a light, it gives a lift to his whole being.  The same man can walk into darkness and become apprehensive because of the fear of impending danger.  So it is with the Soul.  The Soul should be protected at all times, all costs, because the Soul can be victimized by the individual in whom It resides, in whom It is a Part of.

This Miracle of The Beloved Holy Spirit of God, Saint Joseph, has been given to the whole world, not just instructing mankind, or just alerting mankind to the Soul that each human life has, but defining to the finest point of Instruction, the Importance of this unseen Portion of God that is within each human life as a Protection, a Portion of His Love for human life, that is to be returned to Him at a given time.

Oh, We hear man pray and We hear requests of all types and dimensions, and there is no request ignored.  There is always help in the manner and way most beneficial, most reasonable.  No prayer is unanswered.

Through This Miracle of Divine Love, The Father is asking mankind to review what human practices each one has, and asking them to be sure that they are constantly aware of the Soul that is to be returned to Him at a given time.  So be it.”

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