ON FEBRUARY 6, 1996 AT 12:22 PM


“I am Saint Aloysius.  It is important that the whole world become aware of This Gift of The Father’s Love, allowing so Many of Us Here to speak openly, directly, handing to mankind the Importance of human life, and What The Father has so lovingly placed within each human life.

There are so many scientific- oriented people throughout the world who delve into the Creation of man, and then dwell on the facts that they gather, dedicating their lives to capture more understanding of the beginning of mankind.  It is understandable, mankind’s curiosity on this subject, because mankind is a Special Design, and has a Special Purpose for its way, its being, because of the different technical, practical facets that make human life Special.

Mankind was created with a desire to learn, to experience.  This was developed through the nature of how man was created:  the intellect, the sensitivity man has to all things; the senses of mankind, each one being of a special importance — the sight, the hearing, the smell, the taste.  Mankind’s intellect has an intricate system of development, permitting the individual to understand and to be able to search out relentlessly, facts, knowledge.  The will of mankind is one alone, above all other living things, because the will is involved in all of the senses, and the will is the action.

So Many of Us have spoken at this time, not just enlightening mankind, but encouraging mankind to look at human life for the Special Purpose for which it was created, and to better understand that because The Father instilled into this design of life, a sensitivity to what would be termed ‘good, evil, moral, immoral, just, unjust, pure, impure’, these things alone separate mankind from everything else in the world.  In the innate desire to be attracted to so many different ideas, subjects, ideals, separates mankind from all other creations that surround mankind in various forms, various degrees, various types of matter.

The Father has Blessed the world with a Gift of Divine Love, helping mankind to more fully understand what a Treasure human life is in this Direct Communication from Him.  He has directed Many, Many from Here to instruct mankind personally, how to better understand what a Precious Gift human life is.

We see many who have been given Some of What We have been delivering in Words, in continuity understandable, instructing in a personal way, in an orderly way, what a Beautiful Gift human life is, and that human life has a Goal that nothing else has; also, that in The Father’s Love for human life, He placed within each human being a Gift of His Divine Love that is to be returned to Him in thanksgiving for the privilege He allowed the individual to have.  This word, of course, commonly known, is ‘the Soul’.

Mankind must remember that human life is Special, because of the innate understanding that human life is Important in every stage of its existence.  So be it.”

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