ON FEBRUARY 7, 1996 AT 11:23 AM


“I am Saint Agatha.  Wherever this little one is We are present, and as The Father decides for One of Us to speak openly, We draw her attention to Our Presence so she will respond in a manner of obedience, because Our Words are to save Souls.

Mankind does not fully understand all the things that are connected to human life, involved in human life.  First, all the senses have reason because these are important assets to human life, and all of these are closely connected to the Soul that is present within each human life.  The personality of an individual, the intellect, the abilities, physical, moral, are very much a part of human life, but there is another Very Special Gift in human life, and that is the Soul.  There is not a constant awareness of the Soul, but the Soul is closely associated with an individual’s conscience, and reaction to what is moral, what is immoral, what is dangerous, what is safe.

It is important for mankind to develop the mentality, because through the mentality there is a means of learning more about all that is available to mankind.  Subject matter is usually regarding mathematics, how to count, how to arrive at safe understandings in practical portions of life, in business portions of life, even to the measuring of a garment to clothe the body.

Mankind has been given a sense that is termed ‘sensitivity’.  This covers many areas of human life.  This also travels in actions, speech, motives to others.  The senses The Father has placed are so diversified, giving to mankind a sense of judgment, of conscience, of adaptability, promoting a need for progress in different fields, different avenues that make human life more comfortable, even to the point of giving esteem in certain ways of living.

Spiritual understanding is individual, even though a hundred people can learn the same subject.  Each will carry the subject to a different degree, formulating his or her own practice in how they use what they know, what they have, what they feel, what they want to accomplish.

Human life is a Special Design of The Father.  It has activity, mobility, interests, and in many ways adapts to competitiveness which makes life different than any other living thing.

The Greatest Gift that mankind has is a Soul, and it is sad when We see so few comprehend what a Treasured Gift the Soul is.  The Soul is Something that radiates an awareness to the individual, but is not truly definable in Its total degree of Being.  Why?  Because this Gift to human life, this implanted Portion of The Father into human life, is Distinct in Its Existence and Its Purpose, but mankind must understand that It is a recipient of everything that an individual participates in, makes decisions on, and sets goals for and with.

Remember These Statements as you read what I have spoken.  Human life has a Distinctness above all other creations, because human life has the intellect to make decisions, and the implanted Spiritual Understanding called ‘the Soul’.  So be it.”

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