ON FEBRUARY 7, 1996 AT 2:47 PM


“I am Saint Martin de Porres.  We All speak at the Request of The Father, because of so much needed Direction for all of mankind.  Throughout the world the enemy of God and man works diligently, continuously, without pausing, destroying moral values, moral standards, thus allowing total desecration to the mental, moral and physical of mankind.

There are millions of children who are being victimized by a lack of instruction in how to take care of their physical, their moral, their social, even their learning abilities.  Man says, ‘Education has grown to such a great degree, there are so many avenues for learning things that in the past were never heard about or seen.’ This statement has fact in it, but I must add to this:  Even though there has been so much progress in so many areas, morality has declined in so many ways, because the enemy of God and man helps to put the effort of mankind on learning more with the mind, with the inventions that make the physical more prominent in many ways, thus slowly avoiding the Truths, the Facts, the Instructions that are needed for all ages to be able to be just as aware of the moral, the Soul, as they are of those things that are interesting to the physical, the mental, and the progress of man’s position, man’s knowledge, man’s entertainment.

So much has been given through This Miracle, encouraging, instructing, deliberately pointing out the Importance of What the Soul is to human life, and yet many times We stand watching someone reading What We have given, and they deliberately ignore the impact of the Importance of It, cast It aside, and make remarks about, they know that It is not profitable to them in the worldly way they live, thus totally ignoring the Importance of the Soul that is within.

We heard one remark that brought a sadness to Us.  The words were this: ‘What good is the Soul if I can’t see It, I can’t feel It, I’m only told that I’ve got It?  When I die I won’t recognize It, so I might as well enjoy all I am involved in, because if I listen to All that is spoken regarding the Importance of the Soul I supposedly have, it will stop every avenue I am active in that is pleasurable, entertaining, and I feel I am entitled to.  Who is this woman who says to us that she speaks for a Saint, and the Direction is from The Saint?  I know what is right and best for me; I will have to live by my own code of ethics and my knowledge of reality.’

We hear remarks, but that does not stop Us from continuing to deliver the Words The Father Wills, because somewhere, at some time, in some place, hopefully something will open the heart, the mind, and the will of an individual who denies This Gift of The Father’s Love, that delivers so much Instruction on the Importance of the Soul that is placed within each conception to one day be returned to The Father, a Saint, bearing the name of the individual who responded to The Gift of Enlightenment that had no price on It, no terrible demands that were overpowering to the mind or the body, just direct informative Information regarding the Love that was instilled at the moment of conception.  So be it.”

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