ON FEBRUARY 8, 1996 AT 12:53 PM


“I am Saint Francis de Sales.  The world has been Blessed in a Grand Manner, with a great deal of Information, assuring mankind that there is a Heaven, and that each human being has a Soul.

Mankind, in business, oftentimes speaks of the necessity of integrity, the importance of truth.  As We see, sometimes many who desire these things fall short of being example of these things.  We hear many speak about their understanding of religion, but here again, We hear many who fall short of practicing it in its correct manner.  We hear mankind speak of a profitable business, and yet We many times say, ‘Are you profiting spiritually, morally, along with the monetary degree?’ We hear children argue over the winner of a game, and many times there are different opinions on the value, the truth, the honor, the fairness that were involved with the game.

It is important for mankind to understand that honesty in values, truth in values, are two ingredients of great value, because then those on the outside will see more than these two things.  They will feel morality over and above the form of language used depicting success.  Mankind lives each day one day at a time, but what most do not understand or even ever think about is that daily living has a responsibility in it and to it, because of the Soul that is within each human being.

Sometimes We hear comments made, called ‘bragging’ about one’s self, what they are capable of doing, but in the bragging they can be very demeaning to others they are associated with, related to, so bragging must be done with a conscience and a conscientious attitude, as to be sure that what one is bragging about shows its credibility.

Now let us walk into a room where everyone in this room feels that they are spiritually oriented, and are pleasing to God.  We are going to ask them what they base this decision on, but first we will look at them individually and seek out different characteristics that each one shows.

First, let’s look at a very important human trait:  egoism.

The next one:  selfishness.

The next one:  the need for personal attention, acceptance, popularity.

The next one:  their generosity, their kindness, their concern for others.

This list could go on and on, because mankind has so many areas wherein what each individual is like shows through their personality, their nature, their speech, their repetitiveness in what they say and do, also in whether they brag about what they are, what they do, what they say, out of security or insecurity.

This Miracle The Father has given to the world is a Miracle to teach mankind, to instruct mankind on the importance of balance, and in this balance, to see the importance of practicing sound moral values, sound moral standards, and let these things show what others should see in them.

There are so many things that mankind has the ability to be proud of, and of course, the main thing is to openly express the importance of purity, through their actions, their words, because in this purity of their mind, their body, the Soul will shine forth without ever saying a word.  So be it.”

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