ON FEBRUARY 14, 1996 AT 1:23 PM


“I am Saint Boniface.

The Father hands a Gift of Magnitude, instructing mankind, encouraging mankind to be more conscious of what human life is all about, other than the physical role or the mental acumen that so much emphasis is placed upon.

True, human life is different than any other form of life, because it is capable of mental growth, Spiritual understanding, and an innate desire to learn about many things, to be active in many areas, to be creative in artistic venues; also, the ability of communication to others throughout the world; plus, mankind has the ability to strive to accomplish in high places of order that many others are incapable of reaching.

Children are being instructed on many areas of progress that others have initiated, and have also brought to a practical usefulness to the lives of many people.  It is important that through This Miracle, all ages become totally aware of the many areas of life that are open for mankind to seek advantages in, and become a great part of the potential that is available for physical and monetary progress.

With all of this, men of all races, all colors, all ages, all creeds, must be fully aware that with mental and physical growth, there must be a constant awareness of the moral values and moral standards that are the recipients of all that mankind is involved in, and/or is active in being a part of the invention of so many new areas that use the mentality, plus the physical, arriving at tremendous progress that mankind never before thought about, or was able to be a part of.

We hear some say, ‘It is exciting to live in a time when so much growth scientifically is making everything so much easier.’ This Miracle was given to the world with a comparable Initiative, Understanding, and Instruction on a Very Important Portion of human life, the Soul.  We do not see the same attention, understanding, or enthusiasm that is being given to the materialistic role.

This must be given to the whole world in a form, a deliberate manner, so that mankind throughout the world will see the Importance of human life, based on the Generosity of God Himself, and that He instilled in each human life a Portion of Himself, to one day reach a Plane beyond any human development in the world, and that is, to become ‘a Saint in Heaven’.

Truth will have to be seen, logic will have to be seen, and mankind must understand that human life is, in terms of time, shorter than the inventions that are causing so much excitement, interest, attention throughout the world; also, that the Soul will live on Forever.  This is how mankind, as an individual, can be assured of Eternity with God in Heaven.  So be it.”

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