ON FEBRUARY 16, 1996 AT 1:21 PM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.  Many of Us are requested by The Father to openly speak Words of Direction, for mankind to more fully understand the full significance of what it means to be alive as man.

Man has been given the senses, each one connected to the other, and each one for a definite degree of feeling, of reason, of purpose.  Mankind was designed for more things than man understands it to be.  So much emphasis is put on intellect, professional acumen, abilities to do mechanical things, and most times the full Reason for human life is ignored almost completely, because man looks at death as the end, and in reality, in truth, in logic, it is the beginning.

We hear so many speeches and personal conversations on hope during difficult times.  Mankind understands hope to be physical, mental, and yet hope has more to it than these things.

Human life was given out of the Love of The Father’s, and in His Love for this Special Creation, Design of His, We hear people excited over the birth of a child, and the response is usually to the physical appearance, and of course, the dependence of the baby, of the child, goes hand in hand with what mankind understands life to be.

The True Creation of human life has and had an Ultimate Purpose.  This is shown by the very fact that in the human mind there is an innate understanding, belief, not always talked about but it is there, because mankind was created for a Special Goal, and that is because of the Soul, a Portion of God placed within it at the moment of conception.

Why it is difficult for some to understand that human life is so Special and has such a Special Goal, is a sadness to Us, because human life basically strives for attention, but also success in some form, some degree, some manner.  This alone should tell mankind that it is innate in human life to seek a Higher Purpose, to be successful beyond what appears normally.

Mankind talks about love and agrees that there are all types of love.  In this subject mankind uses many areas of life, associating love with physical things, with success, with personal associations, many times totally ignoring the Ultimate Gift of Love that is within the individual.

We hear some say: ‘I know there’s a God, because He created the whole universe.  I wish I could see Him.  I wonder what He is truly like.’ These same people do not truly understand that to be born as man, with the intelligence of mankind, the abilities that mankind possesses, and the very structure of mankind’s intellect being able to learn to high degrees great subjects of great importance, does not see that God, in His Generosity, would place Something inside besides what man understands all there is in the physical form, the mental, thus ignoring that the Spiritual is evident, because no man could create the world, no man has the power to control the universe.

The world has been Blessed through This Miracle of Instruction, and those who accept what It is all about find within their being, hope, a fuller understanding of the Importance of human life, and that as it had a human beginning, it has Something within it that will not die, Something Greater than human understanding.  That is why This Miracle Of Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit of The Father, has instructed clearly, plainly, simply, that man has a Soul, and This is the Portion of each human life that will be returned to The Father at a given time.  So be it.”

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