ON MARCH 5, 1996 AT 4:17 PM


“I am Saint John The Baptist.  I have not spoken often through This Gift of The Father’s that instructs mankind in and on so many important areas in which human life is practiced and dedicated.

In the world today there is chaos morally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  At other times since the beginning of Christianity, men, women and children were faced with having to make decisions regarding what was sound morality, what was sound for practical reasons, and what was sound for the benefit of the Soul.

Some might say, ‘Why are these three things not combined?  because each of them are closely associated with an individual’s Soul.’ Many times, in a deliberate instruction to mankind, it is necessary to make a subject more understandable, and that is why many definitions are given, many points of view, because it gives each individual the benefits necessary to see the whole picture of what the subject matter is all about.

So much Information has deliberately been given through This Miracle to help mankind of all ages fully understand the Importance of human life and the Goal for which it was created.  A Blessing of This Dimension, covering all facets of man’s thinking, actions, abilities, talents, Spiritual values, have been taken into consideration so that nothing can be misunderstood, misconstrued, or placed on the level of indifference, or unimportant.

Mankind has been given a Gift of Divine Love, because The Father has Decreed This Time to be close to mankind Verbally and through the Instructions, allowing a more Personal Contact to be felt.

The world is being driven by a diabolical force, energy, and so many Words of Instruction through This Miracle have in many ways tried to divert all the disorder, all the problems, all the diabolical interests that are available to man, through the Instructions that mankind is getting, based on All that has been delivered for mankind to see that human life is above all other creations; it has a Goal, it has a Purpose, it has a Destiny.

In daily life man strives for success for many reasons, some monetary, some for personal attention.  It is innate in some to strive harder than others, to force themselves to be popular, to gain praise, and to become monetarily wealthy.

This Miracle that passes through a small life, a small voice, instructs mankind according to The Father’s Will, to see the value of right over wrong, truth over untruth, and of course, the Goal for the Soul to return to God, a Saint.

We hear conversations from those who find it difficult to believe, to accept, or to try to understand that human life is and always was a Special Design of The Father’s, with a Special Purpose, a Specific Goal.  The world must understand that human life is unlike all other living things, because within human life, beyond the intelligence of human life, there is a natural understanding in mankind to feel, to think that human life was created for a Special Important Goal.

This Miracle must never be cast aside.  It must travel throughout the world, because in All the Lessons that have been delivered, They are All directed for One Purpose, and that is for mankind to savor the Soul, and return It to God in a Pure State of life.  So be it.”

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