ON MARCH 8, 1996 AT 1:45 PM


“I am Saint Paul.  Many times I am present when Another from Here is speaking through This Gift of The Father’s Love.  This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is a Miracle that mankind must begin to understand as a Direct Communication from The Divine to mankind, for the benefit of the Souls of all of mankind.

Small children are not being taught or instructed on the Importance of the Soul that is an Important Part of them.  Children are being allowed to participate in all things that are directly opposite of protection for their Souls.  The enemy of God and man is the instigator, the programmer, and the deliverer of all that is encouraging many young, and older, to ignore All the Messages that We have been instructed to deliver.

Many men who have followed a theological pattern of life are so wrapped up in their personal opinions, decisions, enterprises and interests, that they automatically cast aside what This Gift of Divine Love is all about.  We find that in so many ways, and in so many areas of life, mankind decides to ignore what is being spoken for the good of their body, their mind, and their Soul, unless it is humanistic in all its avenues of instruction, of attention, of performance, because the enemy of God and man constantly encourages humanism in all places where human beings must make decisions on what is moral, what is immoral, what is sound, what can be termed ‘weakness’ morally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Man believes that the world is in constant motion.  We hear scientists speak out openly about so many things that are on the earth:  the water, the land, the sand, the mountains, the oceans, how they are placed, islands that stand alone in the midst of great bodies of water.  All these things draw much attention to what is contained upon the earth, what the earth is made up of.

We hear medical science find what they feel great solutions to physical needs, problems, hopes.  All these areas appear to be on a steady line of progress, purpose, bearing a stability of sincere interest, concern, yet We see total confusion on Spiritual matters, in Spiritual thinking, interests, decisions.  Mankind, in daily living, should automatically understand that the human body, the human mind was developed and created by a Great Source, Greater than any other thing in existence.

We hear people say, ‘I should pray more,’ and then these words are interrupted by another interest more worldly, more humanistic, more interesting, more valuable to the physical, the mental, totally ignoring the honest, sincere, deliberate understanding, growth, development.

The Father has given to the world a Gift of His Personal Divine Love, millions of Words of Instruction, of Personal Communication, encouraging mankind to see the Magnitude of human life, its design, its abilities, its Purpose.  It is time that mankind stop and evaluate what the Purpose of human life truly is, and that logically speaking, thinking, it has a Purpose beyond what all other things have, because of its intellect, its conscience, its ability to see, to balance out major things concerning the whole world.

The question here is:  When will mankind see the Magnitude of human life above all other creations he or she is acquainted with in a human way?  So be it.”

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