ON MARCH 11, 1996 AT 1:23 PM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.  I hear My Name mentioned at different intervals when a subject comes up that I am connected to.  This Gift of The Father’s is far beyond what any man could design, but more than the design, that any human being could speak in so many ways, giving Direction, Instruction, Purpose, Love and Hope, directing man’s thinking to the Importance of human life and the Goal for which it was created.

All of The Saints Here in Heaven are present where This Miracle is, even though you will find doubters, schemers, blasphemers make many remarks in positive ways, denying that The Father has given to the world so much Personal Instruction, so that mankind can more fully understand what a favored place human life is in the Creation of all things, plus the very fact that The Father put a Portion of Himself, not understandable in the mentality of man, but fully understandable in the Faith man has in the Magnitude of God’s Powers, God’s Love.

We hear so many interpretations of what The Father is All About, and so many misinterpretations of what past History revealed regarding morals, immorality, with different people in different times.  This Gift of The Father’s, This Miracle of Hope, of Divine Love, is being dictated for others to transcribe, and the Facts that are being delivered are being forced to be accounted for, by more than one mind, one intellect, one decision.

A long time ago, a man called ‘Moses’ was chosen to give to mankind Messages that The Father Willed mankind to see as instructive, constructive Teachings, because Moses was given the opportunity and the Tasks to be the deliverer of The Commandments of God.  It was his obedience, his conscientious understanding, and desire to please God above all things.  He stood firm on what he knew was Fact, Truth, and never faltered.  Through criticism, jealousy, arrogance, denial, hate, it was his knowledge of What The Father Willed him to know, and through All the Instruction he endured from The Father Himself, Moses could allow no deviations, no misinterpretations, and nothing to be made concise to appease man’s laziness, ignorance, jealousies, or intent to belittle What Moses was commanded to speak.

Many theologians in your day find it difficult to put themselves in a learning stage of logic, common sense, because they feel in their abilities to learn theology, the theory that was passed down to them, they oftentimes ignore the Reoccurrence of such a Time taking place.  They bluntly say: ‘It has already been delivered, and there is nothing more to learn.  These are modern times and theology is the foundation of Christian understanding, direction, and it is to be followed through, based on what has been spoken, instructed at another time.’

The minds of mankind many times block out great Gifts of knowledge, because they become lethargic, or basically refuse to see the value of Something additional to something they have already been the recipients of through books, or through the interpretations of others with whom they associate.

The world is at a great change.  There is a Great Miracle of Divine Love updating all generations on the Importance of the Soul, and the reason for The Commandments to once again be detailed, taken out of Their concise form, because if They are not, mankind will not fully understand the Value of All that was spoken regarding so many areas of human life.  That is why This Miracle of The Father’s Love, deliberately being addressed as ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, because He is The Holy Spirit of The Father, and All Instruction could come from no Greater Source than He Is.  So be it.”

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